• User dialog in tasks app

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    When setting up tasks with the tasks app you now have the possibility to add a dialog which pops up when when the user wants to execute the task.

    The provided user input is available in the task webhook POST payload under the attribute dialog_values.

    Read more in the Tasks Docs.

  • Field Level Translations: Translatable Slugs

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    You were looking forward to use our field-level-translation for it simple use of translation workflows, but also wanted to go with custom slugs without custom development. You're now able to do that by activating our Translatable Slugs app right here:

  • Clear asset trashcan

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    It's now possible to clear the trashcan in the asset manager. The process will also clear the cache in the CDN to make sure that all references are deleted.

  • Multi-language Admin

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    It is now possible to change the language of Storyblok's admin interface in the "My Account" section. If you are missing your language we would be happy to receive contributions at the following repository

  • Improved Translation Workflow

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    In the past it was very easy to accidentally set a field value to empty when using the field level translation feature. With this update the content editor now has the possibility to translate each individual field and also reset the field value to its default.

  • CSS class options in Rich Text

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    You can now configure and use custom css classes for the Rich Text field. The classes are visible in the submenu of the raindrop button. Be sure to update your Storyblok's SDK to the latest versions to get the new node rendered properly in your project.


    To configure the classes go to the schema configuration of the field and define a label and a value.

  • Prevent losing unsaved changes

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    This feature prevents the user from navigating away when there are unsaved changes on the content item.

  • Reload button for faster development

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    For development of your website using localhost it is now possible to reload the preview window without the need to reload the whole page.

  • Advanced path app

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    Sometimes the url structure that you create in Storyblok using slugs and folders doesn't reflect the structure on your website. That is where the "Advanced path" app comes into the play.

    With the new app you can...

    • ... have different preview domains based on the selected language

    • ... have a url structure that uses other separators than slashes. Example: instead of

    • ... have virtual folders. Example: instead of

    Check it our here.

    To always map to the right links we also updated the links api and added the real_path attribute.

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    The attribute real_path has been added to the links api. This allows you get the value of the "Advanced path" or the real path of the story if it is defined. As links is a object you can easily lookup for the path: links[story.uuid].real_path

  • Make plugin fields required

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    With the new schema configuration "Required field(s)" you can now define a comma separated list of fields to validate objects from custom field type plugins.

  • RSS feed for Changelog

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    Added RSS feed to changelog including separated twitter account so users can subscribe to only Storyblok updates without marketing information or retweets.

  • Easy field renaming

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    In the past changing a field name required you to run a content migration script to move the content from the old field to the new one. Now you can just rename the field and all your existing content will be migrated to the new field automatically in the background.

    How to prepare your code for the migration

    If your project is already live you need to include a logic in your code to render both fields during the renaming process. Following an example in Vue.js (assuming you rename family_name to last_name:

    <h2 v-if="blok.family_name">{{ blok.family_name }}</h2>
    <h2 v-if="blok.last_name">{{ blok.last_name }}</h2>

  • Richtext field

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    Storyblok now comes with a powerful Richtext editor that saves your content in a structured JSON format. You can customize the toolbar for each field individually and even let the user insert blocks/components inline. If you have written your content in Markdown you have the possibility to import it using the toolbar button "Paste from Markdown".


    • Customizeable Toolbar: Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline, Inline-code, Code-block, Paragraph, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Unordered list, Ordered list, Quote, Horizontal rule, Link, Image, Components, Paste Markdown, Undo, Redo

    • Clean JSON Output

    • JSON to HTML converter included in SDKs

    • Advanced link dialog with "New window" option and asset link function

    • Advanced image dialog with alt-tag and title definition

    • Component insertion with allowlist option

    • Paste from Markdown import function

    • Auto-height and sticky-toolbar

    • Works with export and import app

    • Code-language selector of code-block

    Read more at the documentation of the Richtext field.

  • Force overwriting in dimensions

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    A new setting in the schema configuration now let's you explicitly define fields that will get overwritten by using the "Merge" button of the Dimensions app.

    The behaviour of the merge action has also been changed to not overwrite any existing values of the target content item.

    Force overwrite by merge

  • Multiple Values for Block Preview

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    With this option you can define a template that gets rendered in the blocks field. This lets you show multiple values from your content as preview in the sidebar. Find out more about it at the documentation about schema configuration.

    Custom template preview

  • Default value for multi-options

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    You can now set a Default Value for multi-options with the following schema:

    [ "your_first_value", "your_second_value", "third", ... ]
  • CDN cache invalidation image service

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    Image Service Invalidation

    This new functionality enables you to do up to 1000 cache invalidations per month for free. All subscribers of the Basic, Advanced or Premium plan can find the field in the space settings area.

  • Workflow indicator on list view

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    We’ve now added the workflow stage indicator directly on the list view of content by using the indicator colors for each entry.

    visual indicator

  • Automatic Pipeline Stage Deployment

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    Releases can now be configured to initiate an automatic Pipeline Stage deployment.


    The user role needs to have the right “Allow deploying content” enabled.

    Automatic Pipeline Stage Deployment

  • Introducing workflow stages

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    Content production in enterprises sometimes requires strict workflows to make sure that every team member gets involved.

    workflow stages

    With Storyblok Workflow and Workflow Stages you’re now able to use different stages like Drafting, Reviewing, or Ready for Publish. On higher plans you’re also able to define your custom stages.

    Read more about how to set-up your workflows and workflow stages right now: Workflow Documentation.

  • Improved performance of spaces/me call

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    If you are calling the endpoint before every page rendering to get the cache version we have good news for your. The call just got 1000 times faster with a 2 second CDN cache. This reduces also the risk to run in a rate limit error. To make sure that static website builds are getting the right version the webhook executions got delayed by 2 seconds too.

  • Root Asset Folder Permissions

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    You can now select specific asset folder to give users access to. All other folders and assets of those folders will be available for selection but can not be moved, replaced, deleted or modified. Users with restricted folder permissions will only be able to upload and manage folder in that one base folder ideally for asset management for multiple markets.

    Asset Folder

  • Custom Locales for Field Level Translations

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    Allows custom language and locales in field level translations. Locales are of min length 2 or max length 8.

    Custom Field Level Language

  • Onboarding Update

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    We’ve updated the onboarding dialog, away from a an overlay floating above the “Home” entry to a three step onboarding introducing you to the demo entry, how to create new folders and to create your own entries. You can try it yourself by creating a new space.

    Onboarding update