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  • Sprint 61 - Rózsa Péter

    Rózsa Péter

    Changes in:appapimapi
      • SBD-15
      • Business Plan
      • Infrastructure

      Configure custom webhooks for multiple events.

    • Update JS, Ruby, and PHP Client to be able to resolve and render lately added RT features - Emojis, Sub/Superscript, Anchot & custom tag attributes.

      • SBD-107
      • Community Plan
      • Developer Experience
    • Ability to create and manage extensions on the enterprise organization level.

      • SBD-83
      • Enterprise Plan
      • User Experience
      • Extensions
    • Improvements are coming to the way content is tagged, including bulk tagging from your content list.

      • SBD-71
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Demos - Prepared infrastructure for multiple demos & themes

    • App Store - Promotion of External Apps

    • Enterprise Organisation Portal - Added Extensions management to the portal

    • Content Locking App - Fixed the glitch inside a story preventing the preview from being visible

    • Richtext Editor - Fixed MultiOptions visibility bug

    • Backup App - Fixed backups for other languages as default one

    • Field Type Editor - Improve, refactored & update documentation

    • Assets Library - Improve UX & UI

    • Components Library - Out-of-schema improvement to restore a field precisely as before the change

    • Visual Editor - Improved UX of adding new Blocks into the Story

    • Storyblok Bridge - released support to the resolve_links param. Read for more details