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  • Section titled Sprint 58 - Eccles–Jordan Sprint 58 - Eccles–Jordan

    Eccles Jordan

    Changes in:appopen-source
    • Section titled Custom Metadata for Assets Custom Metadata for Assets

      • SBD-28
      • Business Plan
      • Assets Experience

      Custom Metadata for Assets enable users to add custom text fields to their assets for any purpose. Users can also set these custom fields for specific asset types, translate values, and mark fields as required. Values can be set at the asset level and overwritten at the story level.

    • Section titled Bynder Extension Bynder Extension

      An Extension App to connect your Storyblok space with Bynder, the Digital Asset Management Platform.

      • WDEED-45
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Extensions
      • Assets Experience
    • Section titled Redesign List of bloks in Content Editor Redesign List of bloks in Content Editor

      Improve the user experience of creating new content blocks and navigating the content list in the Visual Editor.

      • SBD-244
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
      • Editing

    Improvements & Fixes

    • General - Fixed the item selection on lists of Content, Blocks, etc

    • Extensions - Bug fixes and improvements in the field-plugin library and the CLI

    • Asset Manager - Added the option to collapse and expand the folders tree sidebar

    • Asset Manager - Improved displaying of filenames

    • Import Translatable Fields App - Fixed the content refresh on importing a file

    • Translatable Field - Fixed the preview of the default value and copy functionality to the selected language

    • Link field - Fixed issues when adding an email

    • Link field - Show the complete slug of internal links

    • Multi-Option Field - Select items without the need to click on the "Add" button

    • Richtext & Markdown fields - Fixed the two columns issue

    • Richtext Field - Fixed the symbols that were interpreted as emoji

    • Richtext Field - Fixed the dragging Block functionality

    • Onboarding - Improved sign-up journey

    • Responsiveness - Released multiple improvements to Storyblok App

    • Backups App - Disable daily backups when the app has been uninstalled

    • JS Client - Retry query bug fixed

    • JS Client - Type definition for addNode bug fixed

    • JS Client - Warning message for the RichText resolver bug fixed

    • JS CLI - Add Group UUID Filtering for Components