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Native Digital <br>Asset Manager

Native Digital
Asset Manager

Make content operations faster and more efficient by consolidating asset and content management workflows into one central platform.

Asset Organization

A central place for
all your assets

  • Centralize all your assets in one hub for easy organization.
  • Quickly find and track assets with folder structures and advanced search.
  • Keep track of where your assets are used with reference tracking.
Image Editor

Edit images in app

  • Edit your images directly in your CMS without leaving the platform.
  • Crop, rotate, and flip your images to your exact specifications.
  • Enhance images with a photo editor, including filters and annotations.
Blazing Fast Delivery

Content & Asset CDN

  • Fast and efficient data delivery with low latency and high transfer speeds
  • Secure data delivery with ISO 27001-certified security and protection
  • Optimize images for a faster loading experience using our Image Service.

Everything you need to create and scale standout content experiences

Visual Editor

Create content intuitively and collaboratively with a live visual editing experience. Enhance your workflow with real-time iterations.

Collaboration Workflows

Publish faster with Visual Editor's integrated discussions and workflows. Leave component-level comments for efficient collaboration.

Live Preview

Instantly see your changes while editing. View responsive previews for tablet, mobile, and desktop devices.

Component Composer

Build any type of component, from simple headers to complex galleries.

Global Components

Ensure consistent brand messaging across channels with global components and flexible content structures.

Fexible Content Structures

Boost technical SEO with granular, component-level control.

Multiple Workflows

Define custom workflows by content type or use the standard to cycle through ‘draft’, ‘review’, and ‘publish’ stages.

App Directory

Tailor and broaden your capabilities with an array of free apps from the Storyblok App Directory.

Custom Extensions

Extend your capabilities with your own custom apps, plug-ins, and field types. Storyblok is designed for customization.

  • Quote from Prosper Chiduku, Software Engineer at Mindvalley

    The marketing and design teams can do so much on their own now with Storyblok. The team can now work and launch new pages and campaigns without any restrictions.

    Prosper Chiduku
    Prosper Chiduku
    Software Engineer at Mindvalley
  • Quote from Adriana Saraiva, Digital DesignOps Manager at Claro

    We like using Storyblok because it's easy for our teams to add content and make changes to our websites. We also appreciate the help and support we get from Storyblok from the beginning until now.

    Adriana Saraiva
    Adriana Saraiva
    Digital DesignOps Manager at Claro
  • Quote from Christian Hahn, Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at TrackMan

    Before, tasks like making our website faster and managing our content were too difficult and took too much time. That's all changed with Storyblok.

    Christian Hahn
    Christian Hahn
    Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at TrackMan
  • Quote from Daniel Flassak, Software Developer at dmTech

    Our experience with Storyblok has been amazing. It's impressive to see how easy it is to maintain our setup, allowing content editors to effortlessly update their content while developers work with a reliable API. Compared to our previous setup, this has been a huge success.

    Daniel Flassak
    Daniel Flassak
    Software Developer at dmTech