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The Headless CMS
for Creatives

Storyblok isn't just for developers, it's a CMS that is highly valued by all teams.

Storyblok’s CMS provides everything creatives need to create the best digital content.

Use your creativity and witness the content you bring to life. Create exceptional content using the intuitive Visual Editor.

  • Live Visual Editing experience

  • Drag and drop components

  • Intuitive User Interface

Take full control of your digital assets within your CMS.

  • Crop, resize, and optimize your assets without any limits.

  • Simply upload and manage all assets within structured folders

  • Add custom metadata to your assets for optimized organization.

Content creation thrives on teamwork, and with Storyblok, you can seamlessly collaborate right within your CMS.

  • In-app discussions and comments

  • Customized feedback workflows

  • User roles and permissions

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