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Storyblok for Enterprises

Leading enterprises such as Tesla, Adidas, and UPC use Storyblok to manage and share their content with the world.

Trusted by enterprises across industries

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  • Quote from Philipp Leuenberger, Head of B2B Digital Management at UPC Schweiz GmbH

    Storyblok is a user friendly and powerful headless CMS. The visual editor helps you to build pages with a few clicks and the time to market shrinks dramatically. Storyblok is awesome! Start working with it today and you will see for yourself.

    Philipp Leuenberger
    Philipp Leuenberger
    Head of B2B Digital Management at UPC Schweiz GmbH
  • Quote from Guillermo Rauch, CEO at Vercel

    In combination with Next.js and Vercel, Storyblok is an amazingly powerful and versatile content platform.

    Guillermo Rauch
    Guillermo Rauch
    CEO at Vercel
  • Quote from Johannes De Zordo, Senior Frontend Developer at Marc O'Polo

    "Storyblok was a perfect fit for us. On the one hand, it was satisfying the developers who wanted to have a nicely structured API-based system, and on the other hand, business users got a really good looking interface with real-time live preview."

    Johannes De Zordo
    Johannes De Zordo
    Senior Frontend Developer at Marc O'Polo
  • Quote from Sam van Hees, Co-Founder & Strategy Director at Story of AMS

    “In the past, they asked us for a lot of things. And now, because we have chosen certain products to work with such as Storyblok, and Shopify Plus, we’re seen as this eCommerce specialist also by them. Because this whole project went smoothly, I would say we have an even better relationship with them now.”

    Sam van Hees
    Sam van Hees
    Co-Founder & Strategy Director at Story of AMS
  • Quote from Nicola Cerchiari, Technical Development Manager - Full-Stack Developer at Panini

    “Storyblok gave us the flexibility to set up the workflow that we needed.”

    Nicola Cerchiari
    Nicola Cerchiari
    Technical Development Manager - Full-Stack Developer at Panini
  • Quote from Sidonie Steiner, Business Development Manager

    For me as the Business Development Manager, it's way easier to define new concepts and test the features. The content management system is very intuitive and as soon as something new is developed, there is no briefing needed for me! It makes the whole process much faster and easier for everyone

    Sidonie Steiner
    Sidonie Steiner
    Business Development Manager
  • Quote from Ronan Morris, Founder & Digital Strategist at Together Digital

    With over 100 websites built on Storyblok, we're seeing the long-term value of headless as marketing teams fall back in love with their websites.

    Ronan Morris
    Ronan Morris
    Founder & Digital Strategist at Together Digital
  • Quote from Chris Banks, Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

    Storyblok has been a great investment for us. It helps our marketers create more content and share it. It's also easy to use and has boosted morale.

    Chris Banks
    Chris Banks
    Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid
  • Quote from Matthias Knoche, VP of Product at McMakler

    Storyblok scaled exactly to how we imagined our use cases to grow. We were able to cut down development time from a matter of 8 to 10 weeks, to simply just a few days.

    Matthias Knoche
    Matthias Knoche
    VP of Product at McMakler

582%: The highest proven ROI on the market

Storyblok commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Storyblok’s CMS.

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