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The New Era for eCommerce CMS

The New Era for eCommerce CMS

Boost conversion rates, speed up load times, and increase traffic across all your eCommerce sites with Storyblok: The CMS for modern eCommerce experiences.

Businesses in 130+ countries use Storyblok

When your CMS doesn't play nice with your store, business suffers

Slow time-to-market

Inefficient processes cost organizations up to 20-30% of their annual revenue.

Costs rise

Legacy systems can cost any organization up to a 15% budget increase every year for maintenance.

Poor customer experience

71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.

Storyblok’s CMS for eCommerce simplifies the process of creating, managing, enhancing, and delivering modern content experiences


Publish faster

Easily create content for eCommerce apps, websites, and other digital frontends with an intuitive visual editing experience.

Design everything from captivating landing pages to mobile-first product listings using composable components.

  • Visual editing
  • Composable content modeling
  • Custom workflows

API-first Integrations

Integrate with your favorites

Integrate with Optimizely, Semrush, or any other solution. Storyblok supports native integrations with all major eCommerce platforms.


All your content in one place

Increase operational efficiency and centralize all your content, from product listings to blog assets, on Storyblok's eCommerce CMS.

Optimize images using the Digital Asset Manager and maintain full control with custom user roles and permissions.

  • Content management
  • Asset management
  • User management

eCommerce localization and personalization

Elevate your eCommerce personalization strategy with Composable Personalization. Work with localization and personalization solutions such as Localize or Optimizely or use Storyblok's native Localization features.

Speed up eCommerce projects and optimize SEO using pre-rendered content, Storyblok’s Image Service, caching, and a global CDN.

  • Native localization
  • Performance optimization
  • Composable personalization


Omnichannel eCommerce experiences

Storyblok provides all the tools you need to create and scale omnichannel customer experiences. Create content once, and easily deliver across all your websites, mobile apps, digital signage, and more.

Future-proof your tech stack with API-First integrations. Secure your customer data with Storyblok's headless infrastructure, minimizing breach risks through secure APIs.

  • Cloud-native headless architecture
  • Frontend SDKS
  • Headless security

Quote from Rowin Peet, Product Owner at Accell Group

By having a best-of-breed selection between Storyblok as our CMS, Shopware as our eCommerce platform, and Algolia for search and indexing, we’ve essentially established and put down the right foundations for our growth into the future - whether that be in bringing more brands over to Storyblok, or exploring omnichannel eCommerce experiences for our brands.

Rowin Peet
Rowin Peet
Product Owner at Accell Group
Case Study

Launching a global D2C website in record time

Wüsthof launched their new consumer-facing website with Storyblok. In only 2 months, they saw incredible growth across the board:

  • + 50% organic traffic
  • + 50% revenue
  • + 39% website users

Key Benefits

Turn your content into a business driver.

Go-to-market faster

Launch sales campaigns faster with Storyblok's headless CMS - simplifying management with API-first integrations, and enabling agile development across multiple channels.

Reduce costs

Empowered teams move business goals. Storyblok boosts productivity and generates a massive 582% ROI according to Forrester Consulting.

Boost conversions

Increase sales and drive brand awareness with standout content experiences that reach and rank higher across channels with world-class performance and optimized SEO.