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  • Section titled Sprint 71 - Tommy Flowers Sprint 71 - Tommy Flowers

    Tommy Flowers
    Changes in:appapi
    • Section titled Plan specific trials Plan specific trials

      • SBD - 415
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience

      Provides users with the opportunity to experience different self-service plans through a trial period. Learn more here.

    • Section titled Story Starter Story Starter

      A template that empowers users to effortlessly create space plugins, enabling selection and bulk logic operations on multiple stories within a space. You can find the starter here.

      • WDEED-117
      • Community Plan
      • Extensions
    • Section titled Picker Starter Picker Starter

      A starter project for building e-commerce field plugins and other “picker” field plugins. You can find the starter here.

      • WDEED-92
      • Community Plan
      • Extensions

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Made improvements to Storyblok's color system to improve readability

    • Made improvements to the space card titles

    • Fixed the problem of the app freezing when trying to access an app without access.

    • Updated documents displayed in Partner Resources

    • Improved plugin page accessibility for non-developer roles

    • Fixed external users being shown as Owners issue

    • Fixed user count for Entry plan issue

    • Solved the issue where the onboarding steps were not being shown

    • Solved the issue where playing the audio was not possible when adding a new audio file

    • Improved Workflow settings name on the menu list when in Mobile view

    • Fixed issue with quick filters for blocks

    • Made improvements to the move functionality for stories

    • Solved the wrong behavior of the enter button when editing content.

    • Made improvements to the field name label and the button when editing a field