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Visual Editing

Accelerate your time to market with Storyblok's native Visual Editor featuring integrated collaboration workflows that streamline teamwork and enable your entire team to work more efficiently.

Create content faster

Visual Editor

Intuitive editing experience

  • Create, edit, and fine-tune content collaboratively in real-time.
  • Instantly see your changes with Live Preview.
  • View responsive previews for tablet, mobile, and desktop devices.

Composable Components

Drag and drop

  • Easily edit and arrange components.
  • Add new components instantly from the component library.
  • Create new components visually with Component Composer.

Collaboration Workflows

On-page collaboration for all teams

  • Leave feedback contextually with component-level comments.
  • Customize your own workflows.
  • Set user roles and permissions for content editing.

Everything you need to create and scale standout content experiences

Visual Editor

Create content intuitively and collaboratively with a live visual editing experience. Enhance your workflow with real-time iterations.

Collaboration Workflows

Publish faster with Visual Editor's integrated discussions and workflows. Leave component-level comments for efficient collaboration.

Live Preview

Instantly see your changes while editing. View responsive previews for tablet, mobile, and desktop devices.

Component Composer

Build any type of component, from simple headers to complex galleries.

Global Components

Ensure consistent brand messaging across channels with global components and flexible content structures.

Fexible Content Structures

Boost technical SEO with granular, component-level control.

Multiple Workflows

Define custom workflows by content type or use the standard to cycle through ‘draft’, ‘review’, and ‘publish’ stages.

App Directory

Tailor and broaden your capabilities with an array of free apps from the Storyblok App Directory.

Custom Extensions

Extend your capabilities with your own custom apps, plug-ins, and field types. Storyblok is designed for customization.

  • Quote from Guilherme Medeiros, VP of Engineering at New10

    Our content team’s lives have become more enjoyable with Storyblok, where they’re able to push campaigns and content live in a matter of seconds.

    Guilherme Medeiros
    Guilherme Medeiros
    VP of Engineering at New10
  • Quote from Christian Hahn, Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at TrackMan

    The editor experience inside Storyblok is incredibly smooth and easy for our team of marketers to use, where we can build new pages quickly and easily while seeing what we are working on in real-time.

    Christian Hahn
    Christian Hahn
    Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at TrackMan
  • Quote from James DiGioia, Front End Tech Lead at Ollie

    Storyblok and its Visual Editor matched exactly what we were looking for and wanted to build going into the future

    James DiGioia
    James DiGioia
    Front End Tech Lead at Ollie
  • Quote from Rikard Demitz-Helin, Product Owner for Team Greenhouse | Fortnox

    I think the user-friendliness was one big issue. The visual editor in Storyblok is amazing to work with as an editor or as a user. That was one of the absolute biggest upsides I would say.

    Rikard Demitz-Helin
    Rikard Demitz-Helin
    Product Owner for Team Greenhouse | Fortnox
  • Quote from Michael Saifoudine, Senior Website Manager at Spendesk

    We looked into Storyblok to build faster and conduct more agile testing, from hours to just minutes. Editors could also easily use the design system with a live preview within the Visual Editor, providing more autonomy for editors and developers while being appropriately priced to their budget and value.

    Michael Saifoudine
    Michael Saifoudine
    Senior Website Manager at Spendesk