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Features that we are gathering more feedback on.

This feature would allow the editors change texts directly in the iframe preview.

This feature will replace the filter with an interactive search box that let’s you filter for specific attributes, authors and more just typing shortcuts.

With this feature the discussions will be updated in realtime.


Features planned and in development.

In Beta

This feature will allow you to choose icons and colors for the blocks that will be shown in the “insert block” modal.

Q1 2023

The Storyblok Design System includes the resources to create apps that have consistent Storyblok user interfaces. Rather than focusing on pixels, developers are able to focus on application logic. The design system is available at and you can contribute at github

Q1 2023

As a Storyblok user, you can define values for the space-customized metadata fields and/or add new metadata fields to enrich your asset’s information.

Q1 2023

Improvements are coming to the way content is tagged, including bulk tagging from your content list.

Q1 2023

Your team works in different ways and with this feature you will be able to have different workflows for different content types.

Q1 2023

You will be able to set restrictions on what content types can be created within certain folders, giving you more control over what is created where.