Features that we are gathering more feedback on.

Idea is to provide a filter where you can search items near a geological point like, eg. geo-search. The fieldtype should provide a map with an address search field to set a pointer to a specific latitude and longitude.

This feature will replace the filter with an interactive search box that let’s you filter for specific attributes, authors and more just typing shortcuts.


Features planned and in development.

Q3 2021

Based on Storyblok’s Design System there will come a complete new interface of the app. Show the sneak preview.

In Beta

The Storyblok Design System includes the resources to create apps that have consistent Storyblok user interfaces. Rather than focusing on pixels, developers are able to focus on application logic. The design system is available at and you can contribute at github


With this feature developers will be able to see a log of Storyblok webhooks with detailed information on why a webhook is failing and a retry functionality.

Missing a feature?

If you find a bug, miss a feature or have a suggestion open an issue on GitHub and start a discussion.