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  • Section titled Sprint 60 - Kurt Gödel Sprint 60 - Kurt Gödel

    Kurt Gödel

    Changes in:appapi
    • Section titled Multiple Workflows Multiple Workflows

      • SBD-16
      • Business Plan
      • Workflows

      Multiple Workflows enable teams to create and customize numerous workflows for different content types.

    • Section titled Read-only user permission Read-only user permission

      Capability to define read-only permission to a custom role with the ability to preview fields of the story and without the ability to change the content.

      • SBD-42
      • Entry Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring
    • Section titled Mapping of the default roles via SSO Mapping of the default roles via SSO

      Ability to assign/map Storyblok default roles to SSO roles via the external ID.

      • SBD-238
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring
    • Section titled Tag Improvements Tag Improvements

      Improvements are coming to the way content is tagged, including bulk tagging from your content list.

      • SBD-71
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
    • Section titled Discussions on Dashboard Discussions on Dashboard

      Show unresolved discussions of the user in the dashboard of the space.

      • SBD-109
      • Entry Plan
      • User Experience
      • Collaboration

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Assets: List of references fixed

    • Visual editor: Unpublish action fixed