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All plans have a 1TB/month fair use limit of asset traffic. Additional traffic is $70/1TB/month.

Agencies and Software vendors

Agencies and software vendors

You’re an agency or software vendor? Glad you’re reading this! We’ve got a package ready for you and your customers, let us know you’re interested so we can get your projects faster to market together!

You can also apply as a partner if you already have some experience with Storyblok. Access to reseller discounts, higher SLAs, partner advertisement and create additional revenue as we will refer clients to you - you would be in excellent company.

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Enterprise and custom solutions

Storyblok has everything you need to let users edit content for web and app projects with almost no setup required.

You have specific requirements like single sign on, multiple environments, white-labeling or custom plugins? Then don’t hesitate to contact us to get a fully customized solution.

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Enterprise and custom solutions


Are the subscriptions per website?

Yes - our subscriptions are based on spaces so one account can create multiple spaces and upgrade for those you need more.

Is there a setup fee?

There are no setup fees at all. You can just signup and start boosting your productivity.

Do I need my credit card details to sign up?

No! We have a free plan that you can use to try out Storyblok or even build great websites. You can sign up and start working instantly with as many content and asset as you need without entering your credit card details! Only enter them when you’re upgrading your spaces plan.

What are apps?

In Storyblok apps are functionality like a responsive preview, advanced collaborators, approval workflows and similar and also external Services just like our integrated search. You can remove and add functionality to fit your own requirements - the full list can be found in app.storyblok.com.

Unlimited API requests?

We don’t want you as developer hit a limit during your development or testing because that’s actually pretty annoying - we know that - and we had the same problem with other services. We’ve tuned our pricing for fair normal use and we will reach out if we think there you’re using it in an abusive way - if not you will only hear from us with good news.

What are your uptimes?

We’re about to implement a statuspage for you to check back anytime till then you can have a look at our health check. In our terms you can find our API uptime percentage per year. By now the API uptime of our Content Delivery API is by 100% for the last 12 months.

Where can I find the terms?

You can find the terms of service during the signup or using the provided link in the footer or in this FAQ .

What is priority support?

Priority support gives you the highest priority in the queue. This means that during the timeframe of 9:00 - 8:00 UTC we will respond you within two hours.

What about asset traffic?

The plans for basic, advanced come with our fair normal use cap. The premium plan also comes with such a fair use cap. If you calculate with more traffic contact us and we will find the best fit - we will also contact you if you’re going to exceed that fair use cap drastically.

What about VAT?

Our plans include VAT already.You can still add and update your VAT number in your payment settings.

What about static sites?

Storyblok only delivers JSON and therefore can be combined with any static site generator you want. We’ve created a tutorial for Jekyll and others will follow in our Stories section for NuxtJS, Metalsmith, and more.

Can I use it in single page applications?

Absolutely! You can access our content delivery API from everywhere you want. You can also checkout our tutorial for VueJS or have a look at the plainJS example in the on-boarding.

What about videos?

You can upload videos up to 50mb without interacting with us at all. We do want to let you know that we highly recommend platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo to manage your videos, since they optimize the users experience for those. However if you need it you can use Storyblok for videos as well, as always our fair use cap applies.

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Users (starting at)2420
Unlimited Content Entries
Unlimited API Requests
Activity Log
Asset Folders
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Google Pagespeed
Replace Assets
Responsive Preview
Version History
Commerce * *
Advanced User Rights
Language Export/Import
Pinned Stories
Site Crawling & Search
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Shared Components

* With the basic and advanced plan we charge two percentage of the transaction each time you accept a payment, no additional setup fees.

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