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Perfect for personal project or dev environments and to explore Storyblok.

  • Unlimited content entries
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited assets
  • 1.000 API requests*
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$ 13.90 / month

For small sized project - websites, blogs, and portfolios

  • Unlimited content entries
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited assets
  • 10.000 API requests*
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$ 59.90 / month

Medium project - small eCommerce websites and businesses.

  • Unlimited content entries
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited assets
  • 50.000 API requests*
  • E-Mail support
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$ 349.90 / month

Large project - High traffic sites, large eCommerce websites.

  • All features from “Advanced plan” included
  • 1.000.000 API Requests*
  • Site search
  • Premium Support
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Enterprise and custom solutions

Storyblok has everything you need to let users edit content for web and app projects with almost no setup required.

You have specific requirements like single sign on, multiple environments, white-labeling or custom plugins? Then don’t hesitate to contact us to get a fully customized solution.

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Are the subscriptions account based?

No - our subscriptions are based on spaces so one account can create multiple free spaces with our free plan and simply upgrade one of them to let’s say an advance plan to have more API requests for this space.

*What are API requests?

According to your plan you are limited to an amount of API Requests for calling the content delivery API. Those API requests are counting per project/space and will be reset each month.

What is a space?

A space is a content repository. Think of it as a place to keep all the content related to one project. Each space has its own components, datasources, assets, environments, domains, collaborators, and permissions.

When will a API request count as one?

We count API requests only if they are not hitting the cached version in the CDN. Currently this means that a request to one resource only will be counted every 5 minutes.

What is Premium support?

Premium support gives you the highest priority in the queue. You can also request support via phone and receive response time guarantees.

What happens if I reach my API request limit?

We’ve tuned our spaces for fair normal use. We will reach out to you if we think your project will go beyond this. You can also contact us if you have any further inquiries - don’t worry if you are hitting the limits.

Do I need my credit card details to sign up?

No! We have a free plan that you can use to try out Storyblok or even build small websites. You can sign up and start working instantly with as many collaborators, content, assets or similar without entering your credit card details! Only enter them when you’re upgrading your spaces plan.

What about a setup fee?

There are no setup fees at all. You can just signup and start boosting your productivity.