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  • Up to 10 user seats
  • Management API
  • Visual Editor
  • Datasources
  • Custom Field Types
  • Internationalization
  • Unlimited Languages
  • Unlimited Locales
  • Asset Manager
  • Image Optimizing Service
  • Search Query
  • Webhook
  • 250GB Traffic/month included (60/month for 250GB of additional traffic)

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General / Pricing
General / Pricing Community Entry Teams Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Monthly Costs (starting at) free 99 449 2,999 Contact Sales
Spaces (Project) included 1 1 1 3+ 3+
Users/Seats included 1 5 10 30 30
Costs per additional seat (in one space) 9 9 9 Contact Sales Contact Sales
Users/Seats Maximum max 10 max 30 max 40 No Limit No Limit
Monthly Traffic included 250GB 500GB 1TB 2TB 3TB
Uptime SLA --- 95% 97% 99.9% 99.99%
Consumption based
Consumption based Community Entry Teams Enterprise Enterprise Plus
API Requests per month 1,000,000 3,000,000 10,000,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Content Types 100 200 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Components 100 200 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Stories 25,000 40,000 75,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Preview Environments 2 2 6 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Datasources 10 15 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Assets 2,500 4,000 10,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Max Asset Size 15MB 25MB 75MB 250MB 250MB+
Folders 100 500 1,000 2,000 2,000+
Content Versioning Retention / Activity Log / Webhook Log Retention 3 days 7 days 30 days 180 days Unlimited
Custom Roles --- 4 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Workflow Stages --- --- 5 Unlimited Unlimited
S3 Backup Frequency --- --- Weekly Daily Daily
Scheduling & Releases --- --- 5 concurrent 20 concurrent Unlimited
Pipeline Stages --- --- 2 4 Unlimited
Feature Community Entry Teams Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Access to SDKs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activity Log Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asset Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asset Folders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Autosave Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clipboard History Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Update Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clone Projects Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Delivery API Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Field Types Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Datasources Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GraphQL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Optimization Service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internationalization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Management API Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Responsive Preview Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Query Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard Workflows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Documentation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Languages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Locales Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Webhooks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visual Editor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Approval Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Roles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fine Graded Access Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replace Assets Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Meta Tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Task Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Translatable Slugs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webhook Secrets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access Token Scopes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Paths Yes Yes Yes
Custom Workflows Yes Yes Yes
Collaboration Yes Yes Yes
Field Comments Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions Yes Yes Yes
Forced 2FA Yes Yes Yes
Integration to Cloudinary Yes Yes Yes
Integration to Optimizely Yes Yes Yes
Integration to Lokalise Yes Yes Yes
Integration to Shopify Yes Yes Yes
Language Export / Import Yes Yes Yes
Pipeline / Content Staging Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling & Releases Yes Yes Yes
Shared Components Yes Yes Yes
Extended Activity Logs Yes Yes
eCommerce Integrations Yes Yes
Organization Analytics Yes Yes
Payment via Wire Transfer Yes Yes
Restricted IP address range Yes Yes
User Management Yes Yes
Single Sign-On Yes
Security Audit Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Specialist Yes
Additional Data Centers
Extended Support Package

Discount for nonprofits & educational institutions

We offer discounts for educational institutions and non-profit organizations that are making the world a better place. Contact our sales to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

Questions asked about our product, pricing and terminology. Find more in our FAQ listing

  • Are the subscriptions per project?

    Yes, our subscriptions are based on spaces. One account can create multiple spaces and upgrade for those you need more.

  • Is there a setup fee?

    There are no setup fees for our self-service customers at all. You can signup and get started today with your headless CMS.

  • Do I need credit card details to sign up?

    No! We have a free plan that you can use to try out Storyblok and even to build great websites. You can sign up and start working instantly without entering your credit card details. You will however have to add them once your 250GB of free traffic is close to be consumed or if you want to upgrade your space subscription.

  • What are apps?

    In Storyblok, apps bring functionality such as responsive previews, advanced collaborators and approval workflows, as well as external services like our integrated search functionality. You can remove and add functionality to fit your own requirements. The full list of apps can be found in

  • How to change my subscription?

    As an owner, you can change your plan. Go to Settings - Subscription - Choose your plan. Choose the wished plan, select the seats, the paying interval and add the billing information.

  • What are your uptimes?

    Check our status at: In our terms, you can find our API uptime percentage per year.

  • Where can I find the terms?

    You will come across our terms of service during the signup process, or by using the provided link in the footer or in this FAQ.

  • What about traffic?

    Our subscriptions come with an included traffic allowance per month. Everything after that will be billed by the following:

    • Community, Entry, Teams: 60/month for 250GB of additional traffic
    • Enterprise (plus): 190/month for 1TB of additional traffic
  • What about VAT?

    You can add and update your VAT number in your payment settings and will see your tax percentage before subscribing.

  • Data Processing Agreement

    You can download our DPA via your in-app profile. Have a look at our privacy policy, terms and other legal documents to know more about us. If you have any questions regarding those topics do not hesitate and chat with us using our live-chat.

  • What about videos?

    You can upload videos up to 15 MB without interacting with us at all. We highly recommend platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo to manage your videos, since they optimize the user experience. However, if you need it, you can use Storyblok for videos as well. Keep in mind that Videos will drain your monthly traffic allowance real quick!

  • What about static sites?

    Storyblok only delivers JSON and therefore can be combined with any static site generator you want. We’ve created a tutorial for Jekyll and others will follow in our Stories section for NuxtJS, Metalsmith, and more.

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