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  • Section titled Sprint 59 - Vannevar Bush Sprint 59 - Vannevar Bush

    Vannevar Bush

    Changes in:appapi

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Dimensions App - Added "Exclude field" option

    • Assets Library - Added filtering by tags

    • Assets Library - Fixed folders disappear while using the search

    • Single/Multi-Options - Do not close the component when the user start to click inside and finishes outside

    • Backup App - Include discussions, pipeline branches, datasources on restore

    • Partner portal - Improved extensions management

    • Partner Portal - General texts adjustments

    • Partner Portal - Improved UX/UI of apps by transforming to new Extensions layout

    • Responsiveness - Improve UX/UI of Assets Library on mobile devices

    • Datasource - Add option to order by slug

    • Space Settings - Improve Internationalisation “Publish translations individually” description

    • App Store - Broken Links Checker, Semrush Keywords, Vercel Deployments, and Netlify Builds available for US spaces

    • Management API - Added access to last_sign_in_at value of user

    • Backup app - FIxed s3 bucket missing error

    • JS Client - Fixed Richtext errors.