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Search for apps, discover new field types and add functionalities to your Storyblok project.
Icon Autosave Automatically save changes while editing content. Icon Netlify Builds View Netlify builds within Storyblok Icon Slider Select a numeric value within a range. Icon Vercel Deployments View Vercel deployments within Storyblok Icon Palette Select a color from a customizable palette. Icon Activities Track changes of all space activities. Icon Semrush Keywords Dive into one of the largest keyword research database on the market and analyse everything you need to know about a keyword. Icon Code Block Write code snippets and highlight lines Icon Trash Bin View and restore deleted content items. Icon Colorpicker Choose a color from a color palette Icon Clipboard History Access the clipboard history for easy copying. Icon Replace Asset Exchange assets globally from the asset library. Icon Translatable slugs Use different URLs for different language versions Icon SEO A group of meta tags for SEO Icon Task-Manager Create automation tasks which execute a webhook or lambda function. Icon Approval Send approval requests with changelogs. (just for V1) Icon Content Locking Lock content for editing Icon S3 Backups Backup content to your own AWS S3 bucket. Icon Cloudinary Asset Manager Manage your assets with Cloudinary Icon Releases Group content changes in releases and schedule publishing. Icon Dimensions Easily manage multi tree structures for languages and more. Icon Import Translatable Fields Import files exported from Storyblok for translations. Icon Pipelines Setup a content staging workflow with pipelines. Icon Export Translatable Fields Export content item for usage in translation tools. Icon Broken Links Checker View all broken links across all stories within a space.