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The CMS for modern mobile apps

Storyblok makes it easy to create, manage, enhance, and deliver personalized content to your customers across all channels and devices.

Increase engagement across your mobile apps and other channels by focusing on user journeys and not worrying about performance.

Businesses in 130+ countries use Storyblok

Slow time-to-market

Inefficient processes like having a separate CMS for mobile and web projects, cost organizations up to 20-30% of their annual revenue.

Costs rise

Legacy systems can cost any organization up to a 15% budget increase every year for maintenance.

Audiences lose interest

29% of smartphone users will churn immediately if they don’t find the content they’re looking for, or if the app is too slow.


Storyblok's Composable Components and flexible content structures give your team greater control and flexibility across all your projects–including Android and Ios Apps.

  • Live preview

  • Composable content modeling

  • Custom workflows

API-first Integrations

Enrich your mobile app experience with Optimizely, Semrush, or any other solution from Storyblok's tech ecosystem, or create your own custom integration.

Storyblok's headless architecture is designed to integrate with anything.


Increase operational efficiency and centralize all your content, from mobile-first landing pages to blog assets, on one central CMS.

Optimize images using the Digital Asset Manager and maintain full control with custom user roles and permissions.

  • Content Operations

  • Asset Management

  • User Management


Elevate your In-app personalization strategy with Composable Personalization.

Speed up mobile projects using pre-rendered content, Storyblok’s Image Service, caching, and a global CDN. Optimize SEO and user journeys with full control over content structures.

  • Native Localization

  • Performance Optimization

  • Composable Personalization


Secure your data with Storyblok's headless infrastructure, minimizing breach risks through secure APIs.

Significantly speed up your apps with pre-rendered content, Image Service, intelligent caching, and a global CDN.

  • Cloud-native headless architecture

  • Mobile frontend SDKS

  • Headless security

Quote from Cameron Crosby, Team Lead Website & Digital Innovation at CHRONEXT

Case Study

CHRONEXT used Storyblok to help redefine their customers' experience by developing an iOS mobile application from scratch. They were able to:

  • Triple app session times

  • Build an iOS mobile app prototype in just 7 weeks

  • Create an exclusive iOS app that hosts their eCommerce experience

Turn your mobile app content into revenue

Go-to-market faster

Launch apps faster with Storyblok's headless CMS - simplifying management with API-first integrations, and enabling agile development across all channels.

Reduce costs

Empowered teams move business goals. Storyblok boosts productivity and generates a massive 582% ROI according to Forrester Consulting.

Boost engagement

Increase in-app engagement with standout content experiences that can be localized and personalized across each mobile user journey.