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  • Section titled Sprint 62 - Nakashima Akira Sprint 62 - Nakashima Akira

    Nakashima Akira

    Changes in:appapi
      • SBD-131
      • Community Plan
      • Developer Experience

      Improve the Restore Block Feature by allowing developers to preview the previous versions of the block configuration before restoring it.

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Component Versions - Out-of-schema Improvements

    • Extensions - Added Code Block Plugin into the App Store

    • Subscription - Fixed problems after the user canceled the subscriptions

    • Space Ownership - Fixed transfer of spaces ownership when user is disabled

    • Visual Editor - Fixed decimal presentation in the number field

    • Richtext field - Fixed _editable missing from the block when it is nested within a rich-text field

    • Alternates - Fixed “Deny changing alternates group” permission

    • Dimensions - Fixed exclude function in overwrite action for nested blocks

    • Extensions - Fix Field Plugin Editor Layout

    • Content Browser - Improved UX of Content Browser in Visual Editor

    • Responsiveness - Improved responsiveness of the app in multiple places

    • Activities - UX & UI improvements

    • Releases - Fixed mobile UI bugs

    • Pipelines - Fixed mobile UI bugs