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  • Sprint 57 - Leonardo


    Changes in:appmapiapiopen-source
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
      • Content

      With Quick Filters, you can save the filters you apply in the content list for convenient access. Without Quick Filters, you would have to manually reselect the filters each time you enter the content list. However, by using Quick Filters, you can save your preferred filters and simply click on them whenever you need to apply them.

    • Enables users to set Anchor links within the Rich Text editor using IDs.

      • SBD-52
      • Community Plan
      • Richtext Editor
    • Improves how users can search and assign roles within the Visual Editor

      • SBD-77
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
    • Define multiple content type parameters for folders to improve organization and limit errors.

      • SBD-70
      • Community Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring
    • Provides Emoji support for Rich Text Editor editor

      • SBD-65
      • Community Plan
      • Richtext Editor
    • Adds a Cut/Copy/Paste Button within the Rich Text Editor to improve accessibility.

      • SBD-68
      • Community Plan
      • Richtext Editor

    Improvements & Fixes

    • eCommerce - Updated Shopify plugin

    • Visual Editor - Fixed content refresh after Import translatable fields

    • Multi-Assets - Fixed ordering behavior

    • Link custom attributes - Added the custom attributes to internal links

    • Link custom attributes - Option on the field settings to enable/disable it

    • Custom fields - Fixed to show the missing custom fields for selection in Plugin fields in US Spaces

    • Webhooks - Story full-slug added to the “Story published & unpublished” webhooks’ payloads

    • Components Library - Fixed to don’t copy the preset association on duplicating a Block

    • Releases - Release is not deleted through the Edit modal

    • Releases - Problems with Release list design scroll down

    • Releases API - Add owner_id

    • Roles -  Error when editing roles for users with Username enabled

    • Task App - Radio button dialog values are not grouped correctly

    • Slack - Fix for US spaces

    • JS Bridge - Enhanced to resolve nested relations when editing content

    • JS Client - Update to the color of the highlighted text

    • JS Client - Update Interface to be possible to use all entities of Management API

    • PHP Client - Resolving stories relations fixed

    • Ruby Client - Updated richtext resolver

    • CDN - fixed filter query operator "AND"

    • GraphQL - fixed limit of resolve relations

    • Seat Limit - Fixed not able to add users to space

    • Organization - Fixed the association between the organization user limit and the space users limit

    • Extensions - Improved step size & formatting of the Slider Plugin

    • Extensions - Released alpha of field plugin library & CLI