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  • Section titled Sprint 64 - Stephen Cole Sprint 64 - Stephen Cole

    Stephen Cole
    Changes in:appapi
    • Section titled Enterprise Activity Log Enterprise Activity Log

      • SBD-10
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Security

      Provides enterprise users with a more powerful way to track and filter activities within their space.

    • Section titled Detailed Traffic Usage Detailed Traffic Usage

      Space Dashboard will show detailed traffic usage. where the developers will be able to identify which stories or resources are creating most of traffic.

      • SBD-153
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
      • Assets Experience

    Improvements & Fixes

    • User Experience - Added new "Whats’s New" section in the Storyblok App

    • Activity Log - Show the name of the removed user instead of the label “Unknown user”

    • Security - Disable external apps on non-EU infrastructure

    • Field type - Blocks and groups should not be translatable

    • User Experience - Improve UX when switching to V2 from V1

    • Tags - Fix the behavior of special characters in Tags names

    • Tags - Improve the behavior of tag selection

    • Activity Log - Improve the UX of the filter for cases with multiple filter items in

    • Permissions - Added new permissions to custom roles for Publish/Unpublish Folders

    • Extensions - Custom tags app to create lists of strings with a simple interface

    • Extensions - Released the stable version of Field Plugin SDK v1