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Key Features

Key Features

Everything your teams need to create and scale standout content experiences

For technical teams

Powerful APIs

Storyblok’s RESTful and GraphQL Content Delivery APIs make it easy to integrate with anything and publish across any channel.

Frontend SDKs

Harness Storyblok's comprehensive frontend SDK support for web, mobile, and emerging platforms.

ISO 27001 Security

All data stored on Storyblok is hosted in compliance with GDPR regulation on Amazon AWS in Frankfurt and optionally, in the US, and China.


We employ automatic scaling during high-demand periods that seamlessly scale capacity during service peaks.

Native Integrations

Work with Ninetailed, Optimizely, or any other 3rd party solution from the Storyblok ecosystem. Or integrate with your own.

Global CDN

Storyblok serves all content via a CDN that securely delivers data faster with low latency and at high transfer speeds.

Component Composer

Efficiently create, manage, and reuse components across projects for faster content development at scale.

Global Components

Ensure consistent brand messaging across channels with global components and flexible content structures.

Flexible Content Structures

Modular content can be easily personalized and optimized across channels to ensure maximum visibility for your projects.

Management API

Harness the headless performance advantage, for faster delivery of fully rendered pages via APIs.


Set up a content staging workflow with pipelines. Enable one-click deployment from one pipeline stage to another within multiple stages.

Custom Extensions

Extend your capabilities with your own custom apps, plug-ins, and field types. Storyblok is designed for customization.

For marketers and creatives

Custom Workflows

Maximize content life cycle efficiency by tailoring collaboration workflows within the Visual Editor to meet the unique needs of your team or project.

Collaboration Suite

Publish faster with Visual Editor's integrated discussions and workflows. Leave component-level comments for efficient collaboration

Live Preview

Instantly see your changes while editing. View responsive previews for tablet, mobile, and desktop devices

Multiple Workflows

Define custom workflows by content type or use the standard to cycle through ‘draft’, ‘review’, and ‘publish’ stages.

App Directory

Tailor and broaden your capabilities with an array of free apps from the Storyblok App Directory.

SEO Optimization

Boost technical SEO with granular, component-level control via Storyblok's SEO plugin.

Personalization Integrations

Work with Ninetailed, Optimizely, or any other personalization solution from the Storyblok ecosystem. Or integrate with your own.

A/B Testing

Easily test different content experiences for various segments with Optimizely or your preferred A/B testing solution.


Localize your content easily with native field-level and folder-level internationalization capabilities.

Central Content Hub

Manage all your content operations. Find content easily with spotlight search. Track user activity, KPIs, and more in one central dashboard.

User Management

Improve control, streamline collaboration, enhance security, and increase visibility across your content workflows.

Custom Roles and Permissions

Manage system access with flexible, role-based access control. Consolidate workflows, create custom user roles, and assign permissions within a central admin portal.

Image Service

Optimize images for a faster loading experience using our Image Service and CDN which optimizes and caches each image.

Image Editor

Edit images directly in your CMS with a robust image editor including filters, crop tools, and more.

Scheduling and Releases

Group and schedule content changes in releases for a streamlined and efficient publishing experience. Securely deploy and edit content with read-only pipeline stages.

Activity Dashboard

Track all user activity, KPIs, and content updates in real-time on one central dashboard.

Organization Manager

User and Organization Management allows you to add and retrieve all your organization's users in one place and dashboard and easily reuse them in multiple spaces.

Custom Management Structures

Build a content management structure around your organization's unique needs with advanced tagging and nestable folders.

Your teams will love Storyblok.

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