Storyblok Features

A quick view on some reasons why you're going to love Storyblok.

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  • Highspeed Delivery API

    All JSONs will be delivered by a content delivery network. So you don’t have to think about any speed issues for your website.

  • Intuitive Editor

    Edit your content directly next to your real website. See immediately how your changes effect the content on the page.

  • User Roles

    Assign roles to your space collaborators and efficiently manage your editors, reviewers, and admins.

  • Rights Management

    Grant exclusive access to folders or even just for one story.

  • Advanced Forms

    Storyblok features advanced form capabilities allowing you to define refined side by side editor interfaces.

  • Responsive

    You can use Storyblok on a variety of devices, not just your desktop computer.

  • Automatic Updates

    Storyblok is a SaaS (Software as a Service), so every feature we build will be directly available to all our customers - no need to update your cms ever again.

  • Boost SEO site performance

    With Amazon AWS and Amazon Cloudfront CDN, we deliver high-end performance to your content. Boost your SEO results with drastically improved site performance.

Templating / Development

  • CLI Tools

    Command line tools for scaffolding new projects and even create new plugins.

  • Awesome technologies

    Storyblok provides you with best-in-class technologies boilerplates and themes, but you’re free to go for your stack/language as well.

  • No Design Restrictions

    You don’t have to feel trapped by your CMS, Storyblok enables you to create awesome designs - your creativity is the limit.

  • No Templating Engine Restrictions

    Use the templating engine you like the most - Handlebars, Twig, Liquid, Blade, Hamlets, … just to name some of them.

  • Use any CSS Framework

    You can take advantage of any third party CSS framework such as UIkit, Bootstrap, Foundation, …

  • Extensible

    Create custom root components to define Articles, Jobs, News, Events, Products or other repetitive elements in seconds.

  • Routing and Redirection

    Powerful redirection capabilities with our boilerplates provide improved usability and SEO flexibility.

  • Rendering Service

    Tired of setting up your web server and configuring everything over again? Let us do that for you - try our Rendering Service.

  • Site-Search

    Use Searchblok - our cloud search service to create your custom site search.

  • Extensible by Design

    Storyblok was written with the idea of making editing fun, fast and straightforward. Plugins allow you to customize the editor on your behalf.

  • Simple to Write

    The plugin system, although powerful, is still simple, so writing your plugins is only one git clone ahead.

  • Open Source Plugins

    Storyblok already has many open source plugins available to extend the core functionality. You can even submit your own to become an official one.

  • Image Cropping Service

    Image resizing and website acceleration made super easy - use our cloud image service to directly resize uploaded images to get the right size for your need.

  • Multiple Environments

    You want to use the Storyblok editor view with multiple clients/environments. Just add another domain in your space settings, and you’re ready to go.


  • Simple Interface

    A simple and intuitive interface allows non-technical people to create content in Storyblok smoothly.

  • Multi-Language/Multi-Country

    Create as many languages or countries as you like by just structuring your content in folders.

  • Trados Export/Import

    The Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool Trados - used by over 250,000 translation professionals - is directly supported with Storyblok.

  • LingoHub Export/Import

    The translation tool Lingohub - used to manage all translations of your texts in on place is directly supported in Storyblok.

  • Multi-Site Capabilities

    You want to share your information across multiple sites, devices, and apps? Our Highspeed Delivery API allows you to do so without extra costs or configuration.

  • Flexible Tags

    Built-in support for customizable tags to help organize your content.

  • Custom Fieldtypes/Plugins

    Use the Custom Fields / Plugins to take full control of your edit screens & custom field data.

  • Markdown Content

    Storyblok natively supports Markdown content; it also provides a simple side by side editor view.

  • Copy & Paste

    In Storyblok you can copy components across pages, pages across folders & even whole folders with only one click.

  • Rearranging made easy

    Do you want to rearrange all your website sections? Storyblok enables you to drag & drop components simply.

  • SEO Friendly / Optimized

    Built-in human-readable URLs, cached and high performant content delivery provide fantastic SEO capabilities.

  • Alternate Href Capabilities

    Connect two Stories with just one click and boost your content in the right region.

  • Google Pagespeed Integration

    Make the web faster! We love speed - so let’s get started and reach for a top score.

  • Simple Content Backups / Restore

    Preview and restore versions of your content with only one click.

  • Image Cropping and Editing

    Resize, crop and edit your images directly in the Storyblok editor view.

  • Autosave

    Tired of pressing the save button over and over again? Let us do this task for you - just enable our autosave feature.

  • Intuitive Label Editor

    We directly support Datasources so you can use labels for recurrent texts or categories. You can even translate them with a Translation Management Tool like Loco