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  • Storyblok V2: Update 7

    Changes in: app

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates

    Personal Access Token Expiry

    • We have improved security with a Personal Access Token expiry.

    • When you are creating a new Personal Access Token, you are given a choice for how long that token will last.

    • Choices are 30, 60, 90 days, and custom (you can select a custom date).

    Fixed bugs

    • JS client: Storyblok v5 is not working on React Native on iOS

    • JS client: Cannot create a story: "param is missing, or the value is empty: story"

    • JS client: Fix on error handling

    • JS client: Fix on getAll return type

    • CLI: "update_uuid" endpoint is missing in China environment

    • API: SVG Images served without Dimensions in CDN Image URL

    • Updating metadata of stories changes the status of the story

    • Cloudinary Integration: Working with the Cloudinary new navigation experience

    • Visual editor: Drag and drop blocks to other tabs

    • Visual Editor Library: Performance improvements

    • Block Library: Performance improvements

    • Asset Manager: Performance improvements

    • Asset Manager: Show folders without uuid

    • Fix field type relationship setting

    • Fixed Subscription page not visible to the user with manage permission

    • Fixed an issue on Partner portal app editing doesn’t enable button when changing fieldtype

    • Connect Resolved discussions to the activities log app.

    • Input value incorrect for release scheduling

    • User gets no role if a custom role is being deleted

    • There is no endpoint registered in the response for the comment resolved action.

    • Entries were being created with uuid in the slug

    • Less sensitive search return results in content list

    • Search for stories with apostrophes doesn't show

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Releases are to be ordered by the creation date

    • The delete modal of a discussion should have a yes and no option when deleting

    • Boolean: Component changed from a checkbox to a toggle

    • Single-option & Multi-options: Loading state animations added

    • Created a new flow to permit trial users to become Community users without the input of the Credit Card