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  • Section titled Sprint 69 - Konrad Zuse Sprint 69 - Konrad Zuse

    Konrad Zuse
    Changes in:appapi

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Added missing link type options in plugin markdown-HTML.

    • On loading the story, now the selected items show even if they are not valid for the current field restrictions.

    • Solved Richtext CSS menu issue.

    • Made sure the field types block and group are not translatable.

    • When a block with a default preset is duplicated, the preset_id is now empty in the new block copy.

    • In the editor form, changed the block icon to cog icon.

    • Updated backup app instructions part

    • Updated Slack integration button

    • Updated the "custom_upload_limi_in_mb" validation to use the new helper.

    • Space level settings: Made the endpoint available for Oauth authentication.

    • Asset details modal: Removed the Activities tab

    • Assets: Deleted Assets empty state.

    • Updated Icon in Internationalization settings.

    • Redesigned settings page of Content Locking settings.

    • Redesigned settings page of Assets Custom Metadata settings.

    • Limit minimum of characters when searching on the stories content.

    • Search content list upon entering 1 character.

    • Update roles settings descriptions.