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  • Section titled Sprint 67 - George S Sprint 67 - George S

    George S

    Changes in:appapi
      • SBD - 248
      • Community Plan
      • Content Authoring

      Adds an option to the permissions for custom roles that makes it possible to deny making changes to the names of components and fields.

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Localization: Fixed issue where required fields were only validated in the default language.

    • Extensions - Added language dropdown to the import menu for the " Import Translatable Fields App".

    • User Experience - Added infinity symbol for plan limitations in the dashboard.

    • User Experience - Improved the published release success message.

    • User Experience - Adjusted the width of the discussion button and the spacing between the quick filters and the dropdown.

    • User Experience - Improved responsiveness of traffic chart.

    • User Experience - Resolved issue of emoji's shown as images or as glyph alternatives.

    • User Experience - Corrected break lines after pasting text in Discussions.

    • Assets: The selected default period changed to last month

    • Assets: The list now displays 5 assets per page.

    • Assets: Assets that are not images will be represented as icons.