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Service & Support

We strive to provide the best support possible for our customers and therefore offer different channels of communication to accommodate your concerns.


Our support team tries to help with every issue that might come up when working with Storyblok. To make it easier for you to find help we have different ways to contact us and to get in touch with the Storyblok community.

Severity classifications

Severity Description
Critical Storyblok production product or mentioned production application unavailable. No workaround available. Extended Support: Incident eMail
Standard Support: Storyblok Helpdesk
High Partial product downtime, code functionality not available, or significantly degraded application performance. No workaround available. Storyblok Helpdesk
Medium Non-critical loss or impact to the Storyblok product or application. Workaround available. Storyblok Helpdesk
Low Other Storyblok product defects, documentation errors, or other low-priority issue. Storyblok Helpdesk

Response times

Severity Standard Support Extended Support
Critical Next business day 2 hours
High Next business day Next business day
Medium 4 business days Next business day
Low 4 business days 2 business days