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Storyblok V2: Update 6

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

General updates


  • CLI: List spaces from all regions in spaces commands

  • CLI: Add error catch for initial JS SDK instantiation

  • Adjustments on the user count for Enterprise customers.

Fixed bugs

  • Design System: Missing path on SBStoryData interface

  • JS Client: Error when the user is fetching data from published links

  • API: sort_by has unexpected behavior when certain fields are not represented as float

  • Ruby: MAPI problem

  • Asset Manager: Performance improvements for Spaces with thousands of folders

  • Asset Manager: Fixed the search of assets containing "_" on the name

  • Asset Manager: Fixed the issue when moving assets to the root folder

  • Datasources: Entries search fixed for DS containing more than 1000 entries

  • Visual Editor: Fixed the reloading when switching Stories with the Content Browser

  • Dimensions: Fixed the cloning action for Stories in a release

  • Multi-Assets: Field-level translation fixed

  • Issues with saving filters after adding another filter to preset

  • Corrected sort order in ‘Deleted content’

  • Layout problems while trying to move stories on the content list

  • Fixed an issue when a user register a credit card with 3D secure

  • Fixed a bug related to Spaces from the US region and CN region

UI/UX Improvements

  • Link: Custom attribute "rel" changed from a select to a text field