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Our vision for sustainable growth

The internet is growing at an insanely exponential rate - according to the UN, a new website is launched every 4 seconds. Or in other words, the WWW segment of the internet is growing at 3,000% per year

Storyblok Exclusive Partner Challenge

Storyblok in Iceland!


Hurrah! Storyblok is cleaner than 85% of all websites tested.


Storyblok is running on sustainable energy.

Less CO2

Storyblok produces 8 times less CO2 than the average website.

Sustainability in web design

Headless design
Streamlined content

We help partners and clients create sustainable web designs using a headless architecture.

  • Significantly reducing the size of websites, and potentially their carbon footprint.
  • Scaling smart with the power of an API-first approach, resulting in less energy consumption.
  • Providing better performance through leaner design.

Applying sustainability principles to content structure

Our approach to content structure is inspired by environmental sustainability - reuse, repurpose, and create less waste

Composable Content Blocks

Repurpose content faster with a suite of tools like templates, global components, and more.

Collaboration Suite

Optimize your output with inclusive collaboration tools like discussions, comments, and custom workflows.

Central Content Hub

Find and manage content easily in a central content hub. Sort results and track all user activity, KPIs, and updates.

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