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We are Storyblok

From where it all started in 2017 as just an idea, to first Headless CMS that works for all teams – giving flexibility and independence to developers, marketers, and content creators alike.

We’ve grown as a remote-first company with colleagues across 45+ countries.


Businesses in 130+ countries succeed with Storyblok

Photo of Storyblok's Founders, Dominik and Alex

Founded by Dominik Angerer and Alexander Feiglstorfer while working at agency, Netural, with a passion to craft, launched Storyblok in 2015 as just a prototype that was ready to grow for businesses to build digital experiences. Founded in Austria, Storyblok was made for the world.

The concept of a headless CMS was born in seperating the template’s logic from its content - creating and adding more features and services as we expanded our customer base. Today, we continously strive to make Storyblok for you, our users.

Our mission is to deliver the best Content Management System that validates and prioritizes content management innovations, enables teams to deliver their content in a fast and reliable way while building the remote company.

History of Storyblok

First prototype

The first prototype is born, combined with a visual editor with an API-based approach to content management.

Additional features

The Storyblok prototype became more advanced with additional features and services like image resizing.

Storyblok opens its doors to the world and launches the first version of — built using Storyblok of course.

10m API requests

Storyblok’s customer base continues to rise, reaching ten million API requests per month for the first time.

Visual Editor

The Storyblok visual editor gets a brand new and improved user interface.

Storyblok Apps

The Storyblok app store launched.

New features

Content staging launched, giving customers the ability to schedule releases and deploy to different pipeline stages.

Public changelog

Preparation for additional data centers & ongoing improvements: Flow and UI improvements, Updated Asset Manager and public Changelog

Website relaunch

Website relaunch of First logo refresh and color change

Seed investment

Storyblok recognized by global investors - receives a $2.5m seed investment from capital300, Founders Factory & Firstminute Capital

Partner program

The partner program has been launched.

Design system

Design system as foundation for Storyblok v2

Discord community

The Storyblok Discord opened its gates.

$8.5M Series A

Storyblok raises $8.5M Series A to solve the content problem

100+ team members

We reached a milestone of 100+ colleagues, from 30+ nationalities, living in 28+ countries worldwide as a fully-remote company!

Storyblok v2

We launched Storyblok V2 as a private Beta. More than 3,600 people joined us to experience V2 Beta.

$47M Series B

Storyblok raises $47M Series B in building the CMS for the 21st century

230+ team members

We've grown beyond 230+ colleagues from over 47+ nationalities, living in 45+ countries worldwide as a fully-remote company!

Storyblok V2

Storyblok launches V2. A completely new CMS experience built with new features to shape the future of digital storytelling.

About us

Our Values

The sky is not the limit
Our vision is to establish Storyblok as the #1 CMS for the 21st century by shaping the future of digital storytelling through empowering businesses to create and scale better content experiences across all channels

One goal, many paths

We are a diverse community and we celebrate each team member’s unique background and life experience.

Everyone is part of the Story

As a remote company with people living all over the world, each of us holds a key to our success.

We Trust our Talents

We hire highly-skilled, dynamic people who exchange ideas and challenge assumptions.

Craft with responsibility and passion

Meaningful collaboration combined with intrinsic motivation helps us achieve great success.

Treat everyone equally

We are an ever-expanding global team, and we strive to share and embrace our different cultural and work backgrounds.

Gratitude and Respect

We love our customers and our partners and it is a privilege to serve them.

Quotes of Storyblok employees

Meet our team

Our leadership team

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Our leadership team

Dominik Angerer


Dominik is Storyblok’s CEO & co-founder. He’s also a web performance specialist and has previously worked for big agencies as a full stack developer before founding Storyblok in 2017. He is also an active contributor to the open-source community and one of the organizers of Stahlstadt.js.

Our leadership team

Alexander Feiglstorfer


Alex is Storyblok’s CTO and co-founder, where he is based in Brazil and leads Storyblok’s product development. Alex’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2009 when he was the sole founder of a fitness platform and co-founded an eCommerce platform. In 2017, together with Dominik, the two launched Storyblok.

Our leadership team

Barry D'Arcy

VP of Partner

Barry is the VP of Partners at Storyblok, passionate about how digital data and technology can be used to build more diverse and inclusive work practices & transform business models to focus on customer experience. Previous to his role at Storyblok, he worked for a large digital agency in Ireland as a Storyblok Partner, delivering approx. 100 headless CMS projects.

Our leadership team

Lydia Kothmeier

VP of Operations

Lydia has been the VP of Operations at Storyblok since February 2020. As VP of Operations, she plays a major role in ensuring that Storyblok remains successful and continues to grow. With background and expertise in accounting, controlling, business consulting, and even experience as an authorized signatory, Lydia is able to apply all the more knowledge to her work at Storyblok today.

Our leadership team

Sascha Ploebst

VP of Sales

Sascha is Storyblok’s VP of Sales, committed to spreading the best content experience architecture amongst enterprise businesses. He seeks to shape and actively construct his way in life through contributing to his personal development and is strongly interrelating his personal mission and vision.

Our leadership team

Marisa Pereira

VP of People & Organization

Marisa is the VP of People & Organization at Storyblok. She ensures that Storyblok scales in a successful way by making sure that the company’s values and healthy culture are upheld and lived by everyone in the way they work together. She and the People team strive to create a great team member experience where everyone is empowered to be part of the stories that Storyblok helps shape. Prior to working at Storyblok, Marisa worked in global and regional Human Resources roles in various industries. She’s lived in 6 countries and loves to meet and chat with people from all over the world.

Our leadership team

Sebastian Gierlinger

VP of Engineering

Sebastian is Storyblok’s VP of Engineering as an experienced developer, team builder, and leader with over 10 years of experience in CMS systems, security, performance, and usability as his primary focus points. Outside of work, Sebastian is passionate about organizing community events for developers and is always up for a good cup of coffee.

Our leadership team

Thomas Peham

VP of Marketing

Thomas has worked in SaaS marketing since 2014, where he heads the marketing team as VP of Marketing at Storyblok. He is an experienced SaaS marketer, hobby runner, semi-pro photographer, and certified barista.

All around the world

A fully-remote company

“Why weigh the location of your employees so highly in your decision-making process?”

Storyblok decided to go fully remote to hire the best talents, give our employees the flexibility of where and when they want to work, giving the reins of finding out the best work and life balance that best suits you, results over hours, and a greater diversity of individuals and talent.

Become part of the Storyblok Team

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talents and fun people to work with.