The story of Storyblok

Since 2012

  • Kryptonite launched. A CMS that lets you manage content with a visual editor has been developed and open-sourced by one of the founders of today’s Storyblok.

  • The concept of a headless CMS, which separates the template logic from the content, is born. The first prototype combined a visual editor with an API based approach to content management.

  • Storyblok qualifies for the Netural Startup Program and attracts its first customers.

  • Storyblok opens its doors to the world and launches — built using Storyblok of course.

  • Storyblok’s customer base continues to rise, reaching ten million API-requests per month for the first time.

  • The Storyblok visual editor gets a brand new and improved user interface.

  • Storyblok app store launched.

  • Content ownership client launched, giving customers the ability to optionally use Storyblok as a self-hosted solution.

  • Preparation for additional data centers and ongoing improvement of the platform, including: Flow and UI improvements, Updated Asset Manager, and more in our public Changelog.

  • Our goal will always be to offer a developer-oriented product. Based on customer feedback, we work on features that solve the real pains of content management. Check out our public roadmap to see what’s next for Storyblok, or submit a feature request if you have suggestions for us.

Our values

Craft with passion

Built by developers for developers with a love for details.

Listen to customers

The future of Storyblok is in the customer's hands.

Eat your own food

We use Storyblok ourselves for everything from blogs to documentation.

Simplicity over complexity

The simplest solution is usually the best one.

Treat everyone equally

We care about every customer equally.

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