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  • Sprint 63 - Alonzo Church

    Alonzo Church

    Changes in:appmapiapi
      • WDEED-39
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Extensions
      • Internationalization

      This custom Storyblok app enables direct connection with the Smartling translation service.

    • Define multiple content type parameters for folders to improve organization and limit errors.

      • SBD-70
      • Community Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Spaces Overview - Improved categorisation of Space user has access to

    • Assets - Introduction of custom assets limits for space manageable in the Space Settings.

    • Rich Text Editor - Fixed RTL Feature under Markdown Field Options

    • Visual Editor - Improved cropping long words in Visual Editor and Form View

    • Settings - Improved UX of the collaborators list

    • Content Section - Fixed behaviour of Multi-Action bar

    • Workflows - Disabled the "Save" button if no changes were made

    • Tags Management - The “Save” button is not disabled when creating or editing a tag

    • Rich Text Editor - Improved behaviour of Multi-Option field

    • Visual Editor - Allowed to expand blocks in form-only mode view or when the visual preview is minimized

    • Field Level Translation - Added the option to make `Block fields’ items actions available only for users with access to the default language

    • Visual Editor - The page history button moved into the toolbar

    • Pipeline - Improved pipeline responsiveness

    • Content Section - Improved Multiple Workflow filter