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Headless & API based

Not only a CMS for your editors. Clean and structured JSON for you as developer mixed with our services and opt-in head to increase your productivity and efficiency.

npm i storyblok -g && storyblok
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Journal One

Astoundingly fast interface your editors will fall in love with

Services you can rely on in your daily work & side projects

Build full blown websites & apps at warp speed!

Storyblok CLI

Kickstart your Storyblok project with one command

Stable API

No CMS installation to get full content controll


Everything delivered via a highspeed CDN

Image Resizing

Cropped, resized and optimized images

Open source

Boilerplates, Themes, Plugins, and Apps

Use any technology you know and love
or start with our Cloud Rendering Service

Every day more developers all around the globe are working with Storyblok

they craft beautiful, stable and fast projects

Be a part of the revolution to CMS

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