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Storyblok now available on AWS Marketplace!

Agata Kędzia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the industry leader in cloud computing for a while now - offering many services that complement Storyblok's capabilities. Both technologies empower businesses with more seamless, flexible, and scalable digital solutions, and so we're thrilled to announce that Storyblok has joined the AWS Marketplace!

Section titled What is the AWS Marketplace?

It’s a digital catalog where customers can discover, compare, and deploy software and services that run on AWS. The platform offers thousands of software listings from a range of third-party providers. Clients can purchase software subscriptions and deploy services directly from their AWS Marketplace accounts. Meanwhile, AWS takes care of billing and payments. Software charges show up on the customer's AWS bill.

Section titled Teaming up with AWS

Our relationship with AWS focuses on maintaining a smooth experience for existing and new users. The integration makes it easy for organizations to combine Storyblok and AWS in their projects. You can now use your existing AWS accounts and billing methods to get Storyblok Enterprise subscriptions. This way, you can access the Enterprise Plans via the AWS Marketplace.

Today marks a milestone for our collaboration with AWS as we expand our offerings in the AWS Marketplace. With this launch, we’re opening up a world of possibilities for businesses to scale, innovate, and succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Section titled Boosting projects with Storyblok - powered by AWS

AWS Marketplace makes it easy to find and use third-party software that can improve your digital experience. Storyblok and AWS work well together to create efficient content solutions. Here are some benefits of using Storyblok through the AWS Marketplace:

  • Optimal performance and scalability:

Storyblok leverages AWS's robust and dependable infrastructure, ensuring it meets your organization's dynamic and growing demands. AWS's reliable architecture allows Storyblok to scale and maintain high performance. It accommodates increased traffic, content, or user interactions without compromising quality.

  • Efficient and simplified procurement:

By deploying Storyblok through the AWS Marketplace, you gain a streamlined procurement process that reduces complexities in billing and management. This approach combines all expenses and oversight in your AWS account. It gives you the possibility to track and control your spendings through a single platform.

  • Using AWS commits to purchase Storyblok:

AWS commits are pre-purchased credits that you can apply to any AWS service or product, including third-party software listed on their Marketplace like Storyblok. By using AWS commits you simplify your billing, and manage your budget more effectively.

Section titled Ready to boost your digital experiences with Storyblok and AWS?

Businesses need to keep up with the fast-changing digital landscape. A key part of this composable transformation is moving to cloud-based infrastructure. Learn more by visiting our listing on the AWS Marketplace.

Don't forget to explore our Storyblok & AWS Marketplace page! We encourage you to discover our amazing projects and enhanced relationship with AWS.