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  • Storyblok V2: Update 4

    Changes in: app

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • JS Client: core-js, babel and isomorphic-fetch removed

    • Currency for different locations

    Fixed bugs

    • Workflows: Unable to access edit modal for the second time

    • Workflows: Show only groups and people with rights to edit in workflow stage

    • Discussions: Problems when breaking the line on a comment

    • Discussions: Custom roles are not able to add comments (default language)

    • Content types: Content type gets removed from story when changing its slug.

    • User management: Remove button not available for invalid users

    • Content list: Additional filter options have zero returns

    • Pipeline: Unable to delete a pipeline from Edit modal

    • DS: SbSlideover opening many modals when starting the page

    • CLI: incorrect syncing of component groups in RichText

    • CLI: publish status not being synced correctly

    • JS: StoryblokConfig.resolveNestedRelations is missing

    • JS: v5 upgrade error: Expected signal to be an instance of AbortSignal

    • JS: Prevent memory leaks when resolving relations

    • JS: Change function visibility

    • When setting wrong Arn in a Backup App's configuration the V2 UI backup app doesn't show up and the console gives a 403 error

    • Asset Manager: Tag creation fixed

    • Number Field: On changing a field to a Number field type if the previous value wasn't a valid number, the value is cleaned after saving the Story

    • Single-Option and Multi-Options: Component loading story relations using ID instead of UIDD for the older spaces

    • Fixed Console error for accessing the subscription page

    • Fixed the functionality in Storyblok V2 that allows access to the subscription screen

    • When opening a page with a non-installed app, server throws 404 error - Fixed.

    • Phone edition gives error in account settings - Fixed

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Visual Editor: Removal of duplicated scrollbars

    • Asset Manager: UI improvements on asset preview on detail modal when the user resizes the window