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Introduction to Extensions

We built Storyblok with a robust and flexible plugin system to give our customers the power to extend Storyblok with custom applications or fields. There are three different ways in which you can extend Storyblok: Custom Applications, Field-Type Plugins, or Tool Plugins.

These extensions enable developers to:

  • Integrate any 3rd party platforms

  • Build custom applications in Storyblok

  • Deliver custom content structures via our API

  • Enhance Editor experience

Field-Type Plugin, Custom Applications, and Tool Plugins

Field-type plugins allow you to extend the visual editor with custom fields like an icon picker or a google maps location selector.
Plugin Tool

Tool Plugins are a different way to extend your visual editor. They allow you to improve your productivity by adding some functionality to the editor. Some examples of Tool Plugins are importing and exporting content or a custom clipboard.
tools plugin 2

Custom Applications are the biggest of all extensions types and are the right choice if you want to extend Storyblok with some complex functionality like a custom dashboard. An example of a Custom Application is our Task app that is used for triggering builds.
tasks plugin

Your plugin will enhance your editor’s experience as you can now not only use our default fields but develop your custom view and flows for your editors.


We created a printable A4 Cheatsheet with all the references for the different types of extensions.