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Storyblok V2: Update 2

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

General updates


  • JS Client: Version 5 - Removed Axios, Added Typescript, updated documentation, moved v4 to v4 branch

  • CLI: Server location - Updated the CLI Tool to work with server location US

Fixed bugs

  • Visual Editor - Visual Editor: Numeric field doesn't show the value when it's a numeric value in the content JSON

  • Design System - Error when filling minDate with the wrong format in documentation

  • Design System - SbSelect component shows an empty tag

  • Responsiveness - Datasource Input Field

  • Discussions inside blocks, do not open in the correct place

  • Content List - Dropdown menu hidden by the Multi-action bar

  • Content List - There are no breadcrumbs when showing folders

  • Content List - Pagination in content breaks when entries are lower than page size

  • Releases - Content issues when changing the Story tag in a release

  • JS Client: TS definition for client.get doesn't allow getting datasources

  • Asset Detail Modal: On typing or changing the value of any field is making unnecessary requests to the backend

  • Fuzzy matches on Salesforce creating Duplicate signup errors for Devs

  • Remove the link to the old survey v2 in UsabilityHub

  • Show correct org and partner roles

  • Duplicated line on dashboard loading

  • Wrong button label for trial plan for space created by partner portal

  • Search countries field cannot search with first capital letter

  • Console error on Partner Portal learning tab

  • Bug with the UI with the validation of dropdowns