Liquid objects contain attributes to output dynamic content on one page/content entry. For example, the story object contains an attribute called name that can be used to output the title of the current content entry.

Liquid objects are also often referred to as Liquid variables.

{{ story.name }} <!-- Output: “Awesome Content Entry” -->

Global Object


The story object contains the current content entry with the following attributes:

  • name: Name of your current content entry
  • slug: Slug / relative Path of the current content entry.
  • full_slug: Full Slug / absolute Path including all parent folder slugs.
  • created_at: Creation date
  • published_at: Publishing date
  • id: Id of the current content entry
  • uuid: UUID of the current content entry
  • sort_by_date: Date entered in the UI
  • tag_list: Array of Strings added as Tags
  • is_startpage: Know if this is the start page of a folder
  • parent_id: ID of the parent folder
  • alternates: Array of alternate content entries (multilanguage possibilities)
  • group_id: Group id of the alternates


{{ story.name }} <!-- Output: "Awesome Content Entry" -->


Returns the URL query parameters.

{{ params.page }} <!-- Outputs: "1" page if page is in url: ?page=1 -->