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Storyblok Command Line Interface

The Storyblok CLI is a highly valuable tool for developers, offering streamlined workflows for setting up new Storyblok projects from existing templates and effortlessly managing content migration between spaces. In addition to its core capabilities of scaffolding projects, it also offers more advanced features such as migrating to another space, generating TypeScript project types, and creating backups for your project.

Here's a summary of the Storyblok CLI features

loginLog in to the Storyblok CLI using your credentials or personal access token.
logoutLog out from the Storyblok CLI.
userGet information about the currently logged-in user.
selectKickstart a project with boilerplates, fieldtypes, or themes.
pull-languagesDownload your space's language schema as JSON.
pull-components Download your space's component schema as JSON.
push-componentsPush your components file to your space.
delete-componentDelete a single component from your space.
delete-componentsDelete all components from your space or selectively delete components based on a JSON file.
syncSynchronize components, folders, roles, datasources, or stories between spaces.
quickstartCreate a new space in Storyblok and choose a boilerplate to use.
generate-migrationCreate a migration file to change fields of your content.
run-migrationExecute a specific migration file to apply changes to your content.
rollback-migrationUndo changes made by the last migration execution.
spacesList all spaces associated with your account.
importImport flat content from .csv, .xml, and .json files into Storyblok.
helpGet help on using the CLI, including global and command-specific help.
versionView the current version of the CLI.
generate-typescript-typedefsGenerate type definitions for your Storyblok components' JSON Schemas.

For more detailed information and examples, check out the Storyblok CLI GitHub repository.