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Technical Limits

To ensure uninterrupted functionality of the shared-service infrastructure, we enforce technical limits. If you do not agree with the technical limits outlined below, do not use any of Storyblok software or services. We are enforcing some consumption based limits for some of our Plans. For more details please see our fact sheet.

Content Management API calls (Community plan)3 calls per second
Content Management API calls (Paid plan)6 calls per second
Content Delivery API callsUp to 1000 calls per second. Further information can be found in the Content Delivery API v2 Documentation.
ComponentsUnlimited per space on Enterprise and Enterprise Plus
Component groups100 per space on Enterprise and Enterprise Plus
Content items1 million per space on Enterprise (more can be requested)
Content folders100 per space on Community, 500 on Entry, 1000 on Business, 2000 per space on Enterprise, and 3000 per space on Enterprise Plus (more can be requested)
Space creations10 per day - gets reset at 0:00 UTC
Spaces250 per user & 250 per organization
Assets uploadMax size of 500MB per asset on Community and Entry, 1GB for Business, and 5GB on Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. (more can be requested for Enterprise Plus)
JSON size send by API20 MB
Resolution of images delivered via the Storyblok Image Service16 million pixels, H x W --> 4.000 x 4.000
JSON size of Story5 MB
Count of resolvable relationships at once100 relations per request - applies to requests for single and multiple stories
Rate limit of the GraphQL API100 points per second - The cost of a request in points is based on the complexity of a request. The number of resolved relations and resolved links etc increases the level of complexity. Read more
For some of our plans additional consumption based limits applyRead more
Resolve links 500 links with the Content Delivery API v2, 100 with the GraphQL API (when resolving links to stories).