Configuring your Space

To configure your space in the Settings Area, you must be an Admin or Owner of the space to gain access.

Screenshot of the Settings Tab activated and showing General

The settings of the space are dynamic and will adjust to the installed apps in your space. Only default settings are described in this chapter. App dependent settings are described in each app documentation.


The most important information found under this tab is the ID of space, and the option to enable the maintenance mode, preventing all non-admin users from editing the content.

Action Description
Name You can adjust the name of the space.
Location You can set the default location for the Visual Editor.
Your Space ID You can copy the ID of the space for support.
Maintenance mode toggle You can block all non-admin users from changing the content.
Add preview URL You can define multiple preview URLs (environments) for the Visual Editor.
Webhooks You can define webhooks for events. By default, you are able to configure one webhook for un/published & delete event.
Slack Integration You can configure Slack notifications for the published event.
Content type You can choose the default content type. It is required to have defined the default content type of the space.
Delete space You can permanently delete the space here.


You can create multiple API-tokens for your space and use them in different environments to present your content. First you need to choose an access level of the token and then an optional name (which we strongly recommend). You can decide between the Public and Preview access level and you can find out more about the token in the API-tokens documentation.


The access level of the token can’t be changed later on. A new token must be generated with each new access level.

In short, Public access tokens are only for accessing the published version, while Preview tokens are for accessing the published AND draft versions.


These tokens are read-only and cannot be used to edit the content. To edit the content use your user authentification token - read more here.


You can manage the users and the roles of the space in this section, and you may invite a new user to your space and change their roles.

Changing the role of collaborator

If you are admin, you can change the roles of the user. You can add/remove the role from the user by opening (click on the cog icon) the settings overlay of the user.


One user may have multiple roles.

Changing the owner of a space

If you need to change the owner of the space, open the settings (click on the cog icon) of the current owner of the space and enter the email of the new owner.


Email for the users already using Storyblok.



There are two fixed roles in each space - Admin and Editor. You can’t edit these roles.

Creating a new role

Fill in the name of the role in the Name of the role input field and click the Add button.

Configuring the rights of the role

Open the configuration overlay of the role by clicking on the cog icon in the role line. This opens an overlay box where you can define different access rights to the role.


Storyblok enables you to define a workflow for your content in all plans except the free one. By default, a new project already has three predefined workflow stages, but you can edit them or create new ones.

Configuration of the workflow stage You open the configuration by clicking on the cog icon next to the name of the stage. It will open the configuration options for you where you can change the name and color of the stage.

For further details on how to configure and use workflows see this article about workflow managment.


You can enable the localisation of the content by adding a new language in this tab. You may choose as many languages as you need.


We strongly recommend that you read our guide for the creation of the multi-language website/application.


The subscription tab is available only for the owner, and users who have permission, to see and change the subscription. You can choose one of the four plans or edit/cancel your active subscription.

storyblok subscriptions

Area / Action Description  
Choose a plan Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to.  
Payment Interval Select the payment interval and discount.  
Subscription overview It shows the overview of the configured subscription.  

If you want to return to the Free plan called “Community” you can follow steps in this FAQ Entry