Organization Area

The organizations allows you get an overview of all your spaces and manage users and your subscription.


You can see who is the owner of those spaces and how many users are available for each of them. Besides the list of spaces you will also see three charts for a quick overview on amount of spaces, users in general and additional a summarized traffic with a progress filling up to the first free TB we grant per organization subscription. You can also add Spaces that are outside your organization and on your personal account to the organization by selecting it and pressing "Add space".

Dashboard including users, spaces, traffic the possibility to add spaces


An overview of all users in your organization. Those include your own team and all your customers or external members. You can assign each of your users a role in your organizations. Available roles are:

  • Owner Deprecated

    • Access to the Organisation Area

    • Can manage Users (All Roles)

    • Can manage Subscription

    • Access to Invoices

  • Admin

    • Access to the Organisation Area

    • Can manage Users (Can't assign Ownership)

  • Member

    • Does not have access to Organization Area

Owner and Admin should be used for your Team and the member role is for your customers which should not see other organization members. Those roles do not have any effects on the collaborator roles per space, as those are only assigned roles for the organization. The collaborator logic is still the same for each space, but you're able to add as many users of your organization to every space which is connected to the organization with no additional charge.

Organization Users Tab


Information of your organizations name and additional configurations for whitelabeling and other specific configuration for your organization.

Organization Settings Tab

Subscription Deprecated

Subscription area with the different Tier plans, where all of them are granting the premium plan to all connected spaces. After subscribing you will have additional menu items available that grant you access to Invoices, Billing Information and Payment Information updates.

Adding space to organization

To add a space to your organization, navigate to your organization dashboard, click on the input field {1}, select the space you want to add on your organization and click on the Add space {2} button.
Adding a space to an organization

Adding a space to an organization

Add users to organization

To add users to an organization, navigate to the Users {1} section of your dashboard and click on the Add user {2} button, add the user details and click on the Create {3} button. You can also define roles for new users by clicking on the Roles button when adding a new user.
Adding users to an organization

Adding users to an organization


You can only invite users to an organization and space if you’re an admin.