What is the rendering service?

For maximum flexibility, Storyblok can be integrated into your application or website retrieving content from our API. But for those who want just a basic website, we offer a rendering service where the whole website is hosted in the cloud. You can use it for hosting your single page application or create awesome websites like this for example moebel.at.

How to get started? If you start a Storyblok project with the CLI command storyblok quickstart you already get preconfigured project where you can start creating your templates using the template language liquid. If you don’t know liquid we have prepared some basics for you:

How do I connect my domain?

You get your personal subdomain [abs].me.storyblok.com and can even use your own domain creating a CNAME record pointing on the storyblok distribution domain (See instruction in your space settings).

Storyblok editing capabilities

How do I enable SSL for my domain

We recommend using a free SSL certificate using Cloudflare or similar services. Point your nameservers to those from Cloudflare and create a CNAME record pointing to dist[x].storyblok.com.

How do I redirect my domain to www?

CNAME records are not allowed on naked domains, so to get your website working with Storyblok you will need to create an A-Record of your domain without www pointing to .