Cloud Rendering Service

For maximum flexibility, Storyblok can be integrated into your application or website retrieving content from our API. But for those who want a website and don’t want to handle another webserver, we offer a cloud rendering service as an opt-in head to our headless CMS. You can create a full blown website hosted on Storyblok’s webservers and use it for hosting your single page application or create websites with the template language Liquid.

Tech Spec

The Cloud Rendering Service uses an implementation of Liquid - those who already worked with Shopify should already be familiar with that.


How to get started

Install the renderer app from our App Store, check the Github Repository out and go through the steps in the Readme.

Lets compare

API / SDK Only Rendering Service
Templating Engine Any Liquid
Custom Backend Logic Yes Predefined Liquid Filters
Local Environment Yes Yes
Dev Template Environment Own Included
Live Template Environment Own Included
Hosting Images / Assets Yes
Custom Domain Yes Yes
Storyblok Subdomain No Yes
Included CDN API / Images / Assets Everything
Pricing starting Free starting Free

Can I use my custom domain?


Learn everything you need to know about how to set this up.

Rolling Cache Invalidation

With our Rendering Service you automatically receive our Cache Invalidation Strategie - you may notice that we will append a script tag with /_storyblok_cache.js that allows us to invalidate the cache after the first visit. That means that that some may receive an old version, but the invalidation process will be triggered and after a short amount of time the new version will be loaded by everyone, best thing about that is that after revisiting the site the new version will also be loaded before the invalidation took place. This allows you to have maximum performance by minimizing API requests!

Time in CDN
7200 Seconds