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Storyblok for Manufacturing

Lead digital transformation through content experiences.

How Storyblok helps
businesses in manufacturing

Managing your content shouldn’t be a hassle. So we made it easy.

Seamless and engaging B2B online experience

A decoupled CMS architecture separates your content management from presentation, allowing you to deliver content across various digital channels, including websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices.

Drive sales directly through online channels

Central asset management

Product information management

Efficiently managing detailed product information to ensure accuracy and consistency across all channels. Ensure your team has the tools to streamline operations and ensure data consistency.

  • Thanks to Storyblok, Tesla’s kiosk system resulted in a significant increase in the data conversion rate.

  • Language management is much less complicated in Storyblok than in comparable content management systems.

The CMS used by
thousands of businesses.

See how forward-thinking companies use Storyblok to reach their business goals.

Green Paper Products

Discover how Green Paper Products increased direct traffic conversion rates by 25% and reduced sitewide bounce rates by 16%.


See how my-PV reduced their workload to maintain content by 50% and added 60k new users.


Find out how Damen reduced their costs by 75% by implementing Storyblok.

CMS industry recognitions by analyst firms

Discover what industry experts say about Storyblok.

The only Customer Choice CMS by Gartner

After 18 months, 1 vendor was recognized. See why Storyblok was recognized as the only Customers' Choice for Web Content Management by peers.

The highest ROI with 582% in three years

Empowered teams drive business goals. Discover the driving force behind Storyblok’s huge ROI in our Total Economic Impact report conducted by Forrester Consulting.

The G2 category leader for headless CMS

Storyblok is the leading ROI CMS and Momentum Leader for G2’s 2024 Spring Report

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