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Insurance agencies, banks, and other finance institutions leverage Storyblok's CMS to distinguish their solutions, drive conversions, and build meaningful customer relationships.

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Storyblok for Finance

When it comes to banking, investments, or insurance, customers today have many options to choose from. Powerful user-experiences and unlimited access are needed to complement people's digital lifestyles. To make people invest in their solution, financial institutions need to offer flexibility, security, and high-performing content.

With Storyblok, financial companies empower their teams to simply create and manage powerful content on all digital channels to offer this flexibility and create meaningful connections with their customers.

Maximize performance

Financial content needs to be fast and smooth. With Storyblok you're able to create high-performing content to optimize the user-experience.

Connect your solutions

Customers need access to their finances all the time. With Storyblok’s Headless architecture you create your content once and publish it on all digital channels.

Engage your visitors

Great content builds trust. Storyblok's Visual Editor lets you create informing landing pages, FAQ sections, or articles just as your audience will see them.

Finance case study

Fundbox's migration to Storyblok took 1/3 of the time compared to their previous experience, while solving their content management issues.

“The Visual Editor was the actual winner for us. Having a live preview gives our editors a powerful editing experience.”

Picture of Alex Volkov
Alex Volkov
Marketing Solutions Architect at Fundbox

Storyblok provides all the tools financial institutions need to tell their best stories.


Publish your financial content in whichever language you choose and deploy your solution on a global scale.


Maximize engagement and create audience-tailored content by using personalization tools.

Page performance

Improve your website's traffic with SEO implementations, A/B test with your audience, and create powerful content.


Draft, review, and publish efficiently with multiple workflow stages, or create your own custom workflows.

Collaboration tools

Publish faster and increase your productivity with extensive collaboration tools.

Access control

Create roles and manage access to enable safe publishing, while preventing unauthorized changes.

As a financial company, achieving the highest security standards is of utmost importance. As an ISO 27001 certified CMS, Storyblok is one of the most secure, enterprise-grade CMSes available on the market.

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Get started with Storyblok today! Regardless of your role or project, Storyblok is the perfect fit to make your financial solution stand out.