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The Ideation Room

Bring your ideas to life with Storyblok.

Draft your content in a centralized, collaborative, and AI-powered Ideation Room.

One platform

Draft in Storyblok

Create your ideas straight within our CMS. Say goodbye to scattered ideas across multiple platforms and toggling between applications.


Write together

Collaborate on your content. Share your ideas with your colleagues and provide inline comments or global feedback.


Connect your ideas

Connect your ideas with your stories. Easily copy and paste text from your ideas to your final content.


AI Empowered

Let AI help you create. Extend, shorten, improve, and translate text with a click.

What can you do with Ideation room?

Use the Ideation Room to write drafts for all your content.

Blogs & Articles

Turn your ideas into articles. Bring your thoughts to the Ideation room and publish effortlessly as full-fledged blogs.


From idea to webpage in one platform. Start shaping your concepts and collaborate with your colleagues to create engaging content.

Guides & Documentation

Streamline the process to work together on accurate, clear, and structured documentation.

How it works

See how you can bring your ideas to Storyblok, create content with the help of AI, and connect your ideas with your stories.