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Create Content Faster

Create content intuitively and collaboratively with a visual editing experience, collaboration suite, composable components, presets, publishing workflows and more.

Visual Editor

Visual Editor puts content creation firmly in the hands of the content team. Create, edit, and fine-tune content visually, as the audience will experience it.

  • Live preview

  • Real-time visual editing

  • Responsive views

Nestable Components

Iterate faster with a suite of content creation tools like templates, global components, and more. Content teams can find, access, and customize components directly from the visual editor making it easier for teams to collaborate.

  • Block Library

  • Presets

  • Global components

Content collaboration

Publish faster with inclusive collaboration workflows like discussions, comments, and custom workflows that give anyone on the team a simple way to make a suggestion or take action.

  • Discussions and comments

  • Custom publishing workflows

  • Set User Roles and permissions

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