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Transforming content momentum: ProWritingAid's 90 day website and app build time

  • Headquarters: Oxford, United Kingdom

ProWritingAid needed to grow and give more independence to developers and marketers. They switched to a new Storyblok-powered desktop application in 3 months. On top of this over 2000 articles were migrated to Storyblok. This helped increase their organic traffic by 30%. They can also run A/B tests of the onboarding process to find the best content for their customers.

90 Day
Website Build Time
30% Boost
Organic Traffic
Articles Migrated
  • Quote from Chris Banks, Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

    Storyblok has been a great investment for us. It helps our marketers create more content and share it. It's also easy to use and has boosted morale.

    Chris Banks
    Chris Banks
    Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

Section titled Challenges that restricted ProWritingAid’s content momentum

ProWritingAid used to have an in-house CMS to manage their blog, educational materials, and information. Over time, the team found that the CMS could not scale in its publishing efforts.

A custom-built solution was created for their landing pages to host content within a markdown setup. Yet, to maintain the company’s content publishing speed, a dependence on developers from the marketing team evolved over time. The brand faced many challenges, including:

  • Marketers needed help from a developer to update landing-page content and the blog
  • Dependencies on developers slowed down go-to-market momentum
  • Content editors had to learn the markdown setup, creating an extra learning curve

Section titled Moving from a custom-built setup to a headless CMS

ProWritingAid needed a new CMS. Their Head of Growth suggested a headless CMS that could handle their growth. They looked at different options and chose Storyblok because of its unique features:

  • The Visual Editor – helping the writing team's content management and publishing experience
  • Custom Workflows – make publishing easier by streamlining writing, proofreading, and designing
  • Cultural fit – the way Storyblok was a fit as a company that resonated with them
  • Framework agnosticism – ProWritingAid can keep using the same technologies they were using before. This includes C# for the server and Pug.JS for templating and imaging

These features helped the developers save time and made it easier for the marketers to work and be more productive. The build and migration from ProWritingAid’s previous setup to Storyblok took only 3 months.

Screenshot of ProWritingAid's welcome page for their desktop offering, ProWritingAidEverywhere

Welcome page for ProWritingAid’s desktop offering, ProWritingAidEverywhere

Section titled Using Storyblok across various platforms and running A/B testing

ProWritingAid uses Storyblok for its website and onboarding page of their desktop application, ProWritingAid Everywhere. The website hosts content related to their main product, such as SEO-targeted content pages.

With ProWritingEverywhere, the welcome and onboarding page for their desktop app is supported in Windows and Mac iOS. This makes it easy to update, change, and A/B test the page without changing the whole app. The page is hosted by Storyblok like a webpage without any headers or footers. For A/B testing, the team can use this through a custom-built framework to test the various onboarding processes for users.

  • Quote from Chris Banks, Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

    We found out something unexpected when we were launching our desktop application. We could create and host our onboarding pages in Storyblok without being tied to the software.

    Chris Banks
    Chris Banks
    Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

Section titled Fostering innovation with Storyblok

  • Quote from Chris Banks, Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

    Storyblok's workflow feature has been incredibly valuable to us. It has enabled us to streamline our entire content process, organizing different roles based on each step and pushing content live more efficiently and quickly.

    Chris Banks
    Chris Banks
    Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

The company has migrated over 2000 SEO articles from its previous CMS to Storyblok. ProWritingAid has also launched a new learning management platform called ProWritingAid Academy. It works as a cohort-based writing course to help users improve their writing skills. With such a program comes lots of materials and content to upkeep and update.

  • Quote from Chris Banks, Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

    The main benefit and selling point for me was that we could do a gradual migration rather than a big bang migration.

    Chris Banks
    Chris Banks
    Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

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