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Migrating 1000+ Blog Posts and Reducing Page Creation Time by 80%

Spendesk faced issues with their previous headless CMS and HubSpot, prompting them to look for a new system that could adapt to their needs. With Storyblok, they reduced page creation time by 80%, made the codebase 25% smaller, and migrated 1000+ blog posts in just 90 days.

80% Faster
Page creation time
2x faster
CMS browsing
1000+ Page
Migration: 90 Days
  • Quote from Michael Saifoudine, Senior Website Manager at Spendesk

    We chose Storyblok to build faster and conduct agile testing within minutes. It enables editors to use the design system with a live preview in the Visual Editor, giving editors and developers more autonomy.

    Michael Saifoudine
    Michael Saifoudine
    Senior Website Manager at Spendesk

Section titled Finding the perfect fit for global content

The company faced several challenges due to the lack of internal processes and features with their previous headless CMS. The marketing team was finding it difficult to own and edit website content, and the developers were facing technical limitations when adding more components without restructuring the design system.

As a result, the entire user experience was affected. To address these issues, the company started searching for a new CMS that could meet the following requirements:

  • Essential localization tools to make simple edits in 5 languages
  • Content reusability for editors
  • Quick deployment for developers
  • A tech-stack fit with Nuxt.js
  • User Roles to help editors edit or build pages without breaking the website

In 2022, Spendesk decided to invest in rebuilding its website towards growth. Their main goal was to move to a new headless CMS to support traffic growth, convert traffic to conversions, and join all pages into a single platform. The team faced technical limitations and pressure from their previous CMS provider to move to a more expensive enterprise plan without getting the value they needed.

To improve web deployment times and unlock new budgets, they considered a new headless CMS that offered more value at a lower price. This would benefit the marketing and design teams and help the development team.

Section titled Unlocking the website as a digital storefront with Storyblok

Spendesk wanted to improve its inbound presence and pipeline by creating a strong first impression with its website. They aimed to provide a solid user experience with strong SEO, ROI calculators, and A/B testing.

The priority was to educate customers about their product and provide content-rich pages for different customer personas at different stages of the buying journey. The switch to Storyblok was necessary to create a user-friendly and easy-to-use website. With that, Spendesk is able to:

  • Enhance collaboration between the marketing, development, and design teams
  • Accommodate users across Spendesk, such as the paid team, content studio team (copy team for French, German and English), and other marketing functions
  • Migrate over 1000 blog pages seamlessly
Spendesk’s Product Site

Spendesk’s Product Site

Section titled Moving 1000+ blog pages to Storyblok

Spendesk wanted to move their blog from HubSpot to Storyblok and integrate it into their main website. This would increase their website traffic by up to 4 times and make it easier to navigate between the blog and the main website. By having the same navigation on the blog pages, visitors can move to core pages (homepage, product pages, and pricing page) and increase conversions.

Spendesk’s blog before the rebranding and migration

Spendesk’s blog before the rebranding and migration

Spendesk realized that Storyblok gave them more control and independence in editing content. This helped them create better customer experiences and branding across multiple languages on the website. The marketing team feels empowered, and each user has a clear role. As a result, the development team can quickly ship pages within minutes, focus on building website experiments, and deliver business value to the website and product.

Spendesk’s blog after rebranding and migration

Spendesk’s blog after rebranding and migration

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