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How Mindvalley cut down development time by 50% for their multilingual websites

Mindvalley is a successful personal growth platform with 20 million students worldwide. The team wanted to simplify website usage for customers and page creation for their team. Storyblok helps cut development time by 50%, allowing faster website changes, and supports 8 languages.

Launch 2x
50% Cut
In Development Time
  • Quote from Prosper Chiduku, Software Engineer at Mindvalley

    I'm amazed at how powerful the CMS is when I think about our time before Storyblok. There's still a lot more to explore.

    Prosper Chiduku
    Prosper Chiduku
    Software Engineer at Mindvalley

Section titled Shifting from monolithic, homegrown, and headless CMSs

Mindvalley went through three phases before choosing Storyblok as their headless CMS solution. They first tried WordPress and Drupal but needed more customization options. This led to them creating their own system called Ignite.

Despite this, Ignite did not have an interface. This made it hard for new hires to learn and needed heavy maintenance. It also was not component-based, so non-technical users had to edit code line by line. Marketers had to depend on developers to make any content updates. This raised concern among developers about managing changes.

Mindvalley then developed Site Builder as an internal headless CMS. 'Site Builder' needed significant maintenance and drew developers' attention away from crucial projects.

The company realized they needed a change. Specifically, a SaaS headless CMS that would handle all maintenance.

The main requirements was to find a CMS that:

  • Allows them to reuse content blocks to maintain consistency and follow their branding
  • Lets developers use familiar programming languages such as Javascript and Vue.JS. This lets them begin projects easily. Developers save time on development instead of maintaining the system.
  • Allows marketers and designers to make changes to the website without needing help from developers. They would also not need to know how to code. This would help them work independently and get things done faster.
  • Supports easy deployments across a multilingual page setup. This is applicable for various product and vertical pages.

Section titled Why did Mindvalley choose to bring on Storyblok as their CMS?

Mindvalley began searching for a headless solution in 2017. Yet, limited resources caused a delay of the transition to Site Builder.

In early 2018, most people in the company wanted to change to a new system from Site Builder and Ignite. However, 90% of the company's revenue was still being generated from pages on Ignite. The move to Storyblok was a necessary change that the company agreed upon. It provided their developers and marketers with a new system they could learn from and enjoy.

Mindvalley moved its content from Ignite and Site Builder to Storyblok in 2019. They made this decision after witnessing the difficulties faced by the team. In the long run, this hindered the company's growth.

With Storyblok, Mindvalley can:

On the frontline of Mindvalley's Storyblok migration was the acquisition team. Mindvalley's content and product pages were key in the Storyblok migration. This is divided into pre-login and login segments. The acquisition team is part of the pre-login process.

Mindvalley users can access various features and content pages. This is found in the pre-login section, which uses a custom-built plug-in. The plugin extracts data from their GraphQL API. This joins a few extensions, helping to manage various product pages and sites.

  • Quote from Fann Saw, Senior Product Designer at Mindvalley

    Storyblok simplifies updating changes on our website. We can make automatic updates on other pages without manual intervention. All we need to do is press a button.

    Fann Saw
    Fann Saw
    Senior Product Designer at Mindvalley

Mindvalley's website at present

Section titled Empowering Non-Technical Teams

Not all developers wanted to learn to code with Ignite to create new pages. Doing so consumed a lot of time. It also took focus away from their core development responsibilities. Storyblok set Mindvalley up for success for all its users. The team wanted to ensure that the headless CMS could also benefit everyone's career growth.

Switching to Storyblok allows marketers and designers to focus on their projects instead of learning to code to make edits. Today, non-technical users can change pages and campaigns without coding.

The acquisition team aims to create valuable and adaptable components for the marketing and design team. In return, the design team can now concentrate on their projects using the integrated design system and style sheets on Storyblok.

Section titled Speaking in the Audience's Language

Internationalization at Mindvalley covers the brand's eight language sites worldwide. Before, languages had separate repositories. Today, translations can simultaneously be updated for all sites in one location.

Marketers can enter the appropriate language for each page in Storyblok. This by using a drop-down field type feature on the Visual Editor. Users are able to avoid switching between pages when managing multilingual pages.

Development has become more user-friendly across the entire company. Storyblok's documentation has helped guide new hires on how to work with the CMS.

Mindvalley’s product pages in Italian

  • Quote from Prosper Chiduku, Software Engineer at Mindvalley

    The marketing and design teams can do so much on their own now with Storyblok. The team can now work and launch new pages and campaigns without any restrictions.

    Prosper Chiduku
    Prosper Chiduku
    Software Engineer at Mindvalley

Bringing Storyblok to Mindvalley was a big win for their development team. Having a framework agnostic CMS helped facilitate their skills, and push for career growth. The previous systems made this difficult. In turn, this also damaged the retention of developer, marketing, and design talents.

  • Quote from Saad Siddiqui, Engineering Lead at Mindvalley

    Storyblok is very user-friendly for new team members, regardless of their tech knowledge. We use Storyblok so teams can create pages and work on projects without always needing help.

    Saad Siddiqui
    Saad Siddiqui
    Engineering Lead at Mindvalley

Mindvalley can now launch twice as fast as their previous setup, and cut down development by 50%. With Storyblok, developers, designers, and marketers can easily handle multilingual product pages. In the process, Mindvalley have also simplified their go-to-market approach.

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