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How propelled its site performance with Storyblok

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  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australis
  • Technology Stack: Gatsby, Netlify is an Australian company looking to disrupt the loan space. The brand implemented Storyblok to manage its SEO and streamline content creation. This increased their rankings and freed up their developers' time to innovate. After switching to Storyblok, product, design, and content editing teams received more control over storytelling and improved their turnaround time. Now can quickly create new pages and campaigns thanks to the adaptable and reusable content feature provided by Storyblok.

Section titled Storyblok editing capabilities — the key reason to migrate Storyblok editing capabilities — the key reason to migrate

The team was previously on a custom setup with Webflow, running on a CakePHP application.

The main pain points that made the team at consider looking for a better solution were:

  • Slow turnaround time to any content change or new design element: All new pages or design tweaks were slow to implement. Previously, you had to unpublish (take offline) pages or designs to make any changes and then republish them again.
  • Schema changes were time-consuming: New components had to be taken offline, redesigned, and tested before going live again.
  • Restricted component usage: There was no possibility to reuse components across pages and campaigns.
  • Limited editing experience: Content editors could not make changes without developer assistance.

Section titled Making the move: Adopting Storyblok as a CMS solution Making the move: Adopting Storyblok as a CMS solution

One of the key developers at had previously used Storyblok at another company. After conducting research and a multi-developer assessment, they chose Storyblok as a solution. decided to choose Storyblok, for:

  • Customization of existing elements to adapt to different content, and create new elements simply
  • Ease of use for content editors with the Visual Editor
  • Effortless implementation and framework-agnostic for developers
  • Transparent pricing

Australia's loaning landscape is skewed towards 1% of the population with a high credit history, high income, and no debts. Loan sites show significant rate differences for individuals. They may see worse rates and an increased risk profile when applying with multiple lenders. Brokers often add fees to loans — aims to change this.

Shaun McGowan (Co-Founder and developer at credits Storyblok for taking back control of their SEO. It has enabled them to launch new products, brands, and content changes with speed. Storyblok has powered the easy creation of content and seamless brand consistency for the brand.

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