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How Kaleido switched from WordPress to Storyblok

Product Websites

Section titled Switching to Storyblok from WordPress Switching to Storyblok from WordPress

Kaleido’s previous setup was hosted directly through WordPress, where over time, it was found that WordPress was not flexible enough. This was based on the inability to customize the REST API to access the hosted site on WordPress and restricted Kaleido’s scalability to localization and content efforts. As a result, the content team was unable to make simple content edits to the blog, as several technical changes dependent on developers were constantly needed. Kaleido implemented Storyblok on their product sites, accommodating to a global market in their locale. 

Storyblok came onto the scene as the development team experimented with the CMS on some product pages (including Ultimately, it was decided that a centralized content management system would streamline all their efforts and operations.

The next product offering, Unscreen, and Designify, were next in line to move to Storyblok. From the moment Storyblok was adopted, the workflow for the content team became much easier when implementing both content and technical elements. The key features offered by Storyblok that stood out to Kaleido were: 

Kaleido is the company that launched, a visual AI solution that allows the removal of the background of an image by using artificial intelligence - a task that usually involves a graphic designer/editor doing it in Photoshop. went viral, allowing Kaleido to grow quickly. This required developing the marketing website alongside.

Kaleido was founded in 2015 before being acquired by Canva in 2021, where their products are now integrated into the suites of Canva products.

  • Quote from Lavinia Rossi, Digital Marketing Specialist at Kaleido AI

    The editing and publishing workflow in WordPress was cumbersome. Thanks to Storyblok, we were able to cut editing time in half, and we (the content team) can work more independently from development, which makes scaling our content efforts globally way easier

    Lavinia Rossi
    Lavinia Rossi
    Digital Marketing Specialist at Kaleido AI

Section titled Using Storyblok across 3600+ pages Using Storyblok across 3600+ pages

Kaleido uses Storyblok for its main website across 3600+ pages indexed on Google for all of their product offerings and supporting sites such as the blog, help center, and more. Only is currently localized for ten languages, where translations are fed via API to the backend (on Ruby on Rails) using Phrase. The site uses its own Design System “Prism” based on Vue.js 3 as its frontend framework, where all content from Storyblok is cached for improved site speed. 

Screenshot of’s website

Screenshot of’s website

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