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How Yoco rebranded to become South Africa’s biggest payment solution provider using Storyblok

  • Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Technology Stack: Gatsby.js, Netlify

As South Africa’s biggest payment solutions provider for small businesses, Yoco needed a secure and easy-to-use solution that could match its growth. The main goal was to enable their developers and marketers to work independently. Previously on Wix and WordPress, Yoco moved to Storyblok to streamline its content efforts at the touch of a button.

  • Quote from Daniel Fabre, Digital Marketing Manager at Yoco

    You can easily build your website using drag and drop, without any technical knowledge, while maintaining efficiency.

    Daniel Fabre
    Daniel Fabre
    Digital Marketing Manager at Yoco

Section titled Requirements to Scale across South Africa Requirements to Scale across South Africa

Yoco’s previous setup on Wix and WordPress relied on a bespoke website built with Gatsby and purely native pages. With Yoco’s fast-growing expansion into new audiences, they needed a CMS that could withstand their needs and demands. Such requirements included:

  • Allowing their developers to be able to use their tech stack rather than having to learn a completely new one
  • Enabling their marketing and design teams with complete control over their content without the need for a developer

Section titled How Storyblok Helped to Support Yoco’s Growth How Storyblok Helped to Support Yoco’s Growth

Yoco was able to completely rebrand its website and scale its online efforts towards new businesses. With the help of Storyblok, they were able to:

  • Streamline the ease of use from a non-technical standpoint for Yoco’s growth marketing, being mainly non-technical.
  • Aid marketers in making changes quickly through the Visual Editor with its drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Integrate a best-of-breed approach with third-party platforms, including tracking, analytics, and A/B testing.
  • Quote from Daniel Fabre, Digital Marketing Manager at Yoco

    Storyblok has made everything easier for us. We haven’t had to compromise on what we wanted to do. Storyblok was able to facilitate all of our ideas, and the results speak for themselves.

    Daniel Fabre
    Daniel Fabre
    Digital Marketing Manager at Yoco

Section titled Rebranding and Rebuilding a Future-Proof Site Rebranding and Rebuilding a Future-Proof Site

Yoco collaborated with a tech agency to design and build their website during their implementation process. Yoco tested various CMS solutions through Proof of Concepts (POCs) before selecting Storyblok as their CMS of choice. Together, they worked with Yoco's product, growth marketing, design, and engineering teams. Storyblok helped Yoco create a website that met the commercial and technical criteria of a market leader in South African fintech.​​

Yoco's pre-branding website

Yoco's pre-branding website

In October 2019, there was a need to make changes and updates to the site’s content, copy, and price changes over Black Friday. At this time, the company was working on a total brand refresh behind the scenes in parallel. In May 2020, Yoco’s rebranded website was launched to the South African market, using Storyblok to showcase the company’s new look. This included the main landing page, pushing Yoco further into the South African market.

Yoco's rebranded website

Yoco's rebranded website

  • Quote from Robin W. Wolters, VP Growth at Yoco

    Storyblok is one of the best CMS tools we've used. The drag-and-drop interface is super easy to use, but you can also create and customize components for specific designs and media. It’s such a great blend of simplicity and flexibility.

    Robin W. Wolters
    Robin W. Wolters
    VP Growth at Yoco

Yoco wanted to resonate with its audience, making them feel represented and have a tailored product. With Storyblok, the marketing team at Yoco could easily A/B test (with VWO), prototype, and reuse content.

Storyblok propelled Yoco’s optimization and rebranding. For each test the team conducted, they could easily translate data into content experiences for their audiences. This was hand-in-hand with continuously optimizing their site for the South African market and new sights into the future.

Yoco used Storyblok to maintain performance and handle rich media such as graphics and animations in short loading times.

Section titled Scaling for the Future Scaling for the Future

As the biggest payment solutions provider for small businesses in South Africa, Yoco aims to expand into new markets. This made it vital for the brand to have a future-proof setup that could grow with them as they scaled. With banks making it hard for small business owners to get their hands on an easy-to-use payment solution, Yoco helps them navigate that space.

Yoco has successfully revamped and rebranded its organization with the help of Storyblok. They have ensured that non-technical team members can work independently within Storyblok. The team at Yoco can easily reuse content types and components for their rebranding. At the same time, they can integrate with third-party platforms with ease. This has enabled Yoco to stay ahead of the competition and scale within its industry with the support of Storyblok.

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