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Creating an immersive digital experience with Centra and Storyblok

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Digital agencies have the choice between best-of-suite and best-of-breed solutions. While there are some clear advantages with best-of-suite solutions, like straight-forward integration, more stability and security, and most of the time, a single point of contact, the more long-term, beneficial choice is best-of breed. Agencies do gain flexibility, reduced costs in the long run, and scalability etc. there still are some drawbacks when it comes to integration.
However, with headless solutions you get best of both worlds: stability, security, flexibility, scalability and, above all, seamless integrations. Especially, when you combine two awarded softwares (by G2), like Storyblok and Centra.

The roaring 20s

It is no secret that, starting with 2020, the last couple of years have had a huge impact on eCommerce. To base that claim, Statista tells us that in 2021 eCommerce sales surpassed 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. More than that, this sum is expected to grow to 8.1 trillion U.S dollars by 2026.

This, indubitably, means that there are a high number of eCommerce platforms. To be more precise, there are over 26 million eCommerce sites across the entire globe, with more and more being created every single day. Having this in mind, the natural question is: how do you make your eCommerce projects stand out from the crowd?

Let’s take a look at two main factors: page performance and user experience.

Page performance

Speed has been a ranking signal for desktop searches since 2010 and for mobile searches since 2018. Speed can also impact ranking indirectly through bounce rate. Consumer loyalty is fragile and this is confirmed by several studies. There are strong correlations between page speed and revenue, bounce rate, session duration and viewability. In fact, there have been observed 2X more revenue for sites that loaded in 5 seconds instead of 19.

Through headless solutions, like Storyblok, you can take full advantage of the JAMstack architecture and improve the performance considerably. JAMstack doesn’t rely on a server, it is pre-built and serverless. Static files are generated and then sent out over a CDN (content distribution network). Server-like functionalities are handled by third-party services, connected via APIs.

Storyblok editing capabilities

Digital experience

Now, imagine the potential of combining a headless CMS with a headless e-commerce platform, like Centra, to empower businesses with global ambitions to serve up advanced Direct‑to‑Consumer and Wholesale e‑commerce.
By combining these two forces, one can achieve an omnichannel strategy and a localized user experience with minimal admin overhead. Content creators, free of siloed systems, can use collaborative planning to experiment, deliver and meet ever-evolving users’ expectations. Ultimately, business leaders will understand customer behavior and drive digital business development initiatives faster than ever before.
Choosing a headless CMS and pairing it with Centra, a powerful headless eCommerce platform, will enable businesses to create omnichannel, localized and personalized digital experiences, while keeping the resource utilization at a minimum and reaching a global market.

Centra - Storyblok Integration

As one of our technology partners, Centra is one of many innovative solutions to that extend the value of your content. Centra is a headless, SaaS e-commerce platform for medium to enterprise-sized fashion and lifestyle brands running a Direct-to-Consumer and/or wholesale ecommerce business towards the global market.The Centra platform is built from a fashion and lifestyle brands perspective since day one, and is packed with smart and impactful features for brands within this segment – without compromising on the flexibility expected from a headless e-commerce software. This approach lets brands build powerful and scalable ecommerce experiences, distributed across unlimited sales channels and markets – while maintaining a very low total cost of ownership.

Quote from Jonathan Selander, Co-Founder and CTO at Made People

  • The combination of Centra and Storyblok allows us to take any data from anywhere and make sense of it both to the editor and the consumer. It really stands out compared to other similar solutions in speed of development and flexibility.

    Picture of Jonathan Selander
    Jonathan Selander
    Co-Founder and CTO at Made People

Centra offers a great headless API that we can connect to the Storyblok eCommerce field-type. If you don’t have a Centra store already, you can visit the developer documentation and create one here.


Read more about the Centra integration here.

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