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Centra offers a great headless API that we can connect to the Storyblok eCommerce field-type. If you don’t have a Centra store already, you can visit the developer documentation and create one here.

Centra API User & Storefront Token Demo

If you want to test how the Centra API works before gaining access to your own personal dashboard, you will need this token and endpoint: 

option value
token 4c6b48142e0f0ea48b2bf1678c8071e1

And once you are logged into the demo store you will be able to test the queries from the store using both the REST API and GraphQL API:
sandbox centra

Centra Sandbox screen

Once you have login and password credentials you can test out the demo sandbox in an API platform such as Thunder Client or Postman.
centra query

API platform (Thunder Client) screen